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STB 19 Buenos Aires: Bosch vs. Dussan 2

WKN Argentina: Simply the Best 19 Buenos Aires: Bosch vs Dussan 2

STB 19 Buenos Aires live on FOX Sports Latin America Subtitled as "Estrellas de Acero" Simply the Best 19 takes place at Club GEI...
The Battle 18 by WKN

WKN Greece: The Battle 18 by WKN nearly full fight card

"The Battle 18 by WKN" celebrates three years of collaboration between the No.1 Greek Fight Show and World Kickboxing Network. Promoted by Stefanos Konstantinidis...
World Kickboxing Network

WKN France: Montier vs. Muangsee for WKN featherweight title in Caudry

Gaylord Montier vs. Muangsee Pumpanmuang French Gaylord Montier and Muangsee Pumpanmuang of Thailand will battle out for WKN World featherweight title (oriental rules) on Saturday...
Girl Power

Girl Power: Full lineup for Episode 6 in Golden Sands

Girl Power 6 Golden Sands airs live on TV on June 29. The event is a one-night eight-woman featherweight kickboxing contest. To take all,...
Kickboxing Iranvideo

WKN Iran: National Kickboxing Championships 2018 highlight

Enjoy the highlight moments of Iranian National Championship 2018 promoted by Hamid Reza Hejazi under umbrella of WKN last month. The competition comprised two...

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WKN Tanzania

WKN Tanzania: World class kickboxing comes to Zanzibar

WKN President Stephane Cabrera and former Kickboxing World Champion Osman Yigin visit Zanzibar, Tanzania. The travel follows the 2016 development of kickboxing in Iran,...
Wang Kehan defeats Laetitia Madjene

WKN Top Team: Kehan defeats Madjene at Kunlun Fight 70

Kunlun Fight 70 results French star Laetitia Madjene faced Chinese champion Wang Kehan at Kunlun Fight 70 held last night in Sanya, China live on...

WKN Iran: Kickboxing World Cup 2017 Makes History

Kickboxing World Cup 2017 united over 12 nations in a sports fiesta held on March 10 in Tehran. Promoter Mr Reza Hejazi and the WKN...

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