* Special guest : M. ” PERFECT ” Ernesto HOST
Gary ” THE KID OF BELFAST ” Hamilton to fight Aubrey Tarr !
* report from Billy MURRAY

WKN World champion kickboxer Gary Hamilton has been dragged into an angry war of words with his upcoming opponent. The classy Belfast hero is set to meet fellow city man Aubrey Tarr at the Hilton Hotel on February 23. And the Lagan-side clash is quickly turning into a grudge match as Hamilton has become fed up with Tarr’s ongoing sniping.

The pair met two years in similar circumstances when featherweight king Hamilton easily dispatched Tarr following a four rounds points win.

Tarr has since said Hamilton didn’t hurt him at all in the fight and claims this rematch – the Battle Of Belfast – will see him prove he is the superior competitor.

wkn_bnm2.jpgI don’t like getting dragged into these things,” said Hamilton. “It’s not my style. I prefer to let my fists and feet do the talking inside the ring. But let me say this, Tarr’s memories of that night are very different to mine. I finished the fight untouched and unbruised and feeling like I could do a five mile run. He had the doctor in the ring in the second round trying to stop a serious cut from bleeding out all over the canvas. He was not in great shape at the end.

“If wants to give it the big talk, fine. We’ll see who is the big man when the final bell rings – if he makes it to the final bell.”

The bout is a top of the bill clash at the prestigious black tie ProKick Kickboxing Awards. The event will recognise the best talent in Ireland. Hosted by TV favourite Joe Lindsay it will also honour kickboxing legend Ernesto Hoost.

The Dutch kickboxer will received a lifetime achievement gong on what will mark his first ever trip to Northern Ireland