In the new year 2009 , WKN WORLD OFFICE will organise its first WORLD CONGRESS .


All the WKN representative will have to assist this meeting that will give a chance to all of our organisation’s members the oportunity of getting to know each other . This meeting will be organise during a period of 3 days(a weekend) and will have a schedule that will include:

* friendly meeting between WKN World president and WKN World members,representatives …
* Sightseeing and travel to discover the city and country that will be choosen
* Special dinner and party for all the members
* Special present and awards for all the participant

For more information : please contact WKN world office if you are interested to organise this meeting in your country

All Representatives have to confirm the assistance to the WKN World Congress .

*** Place and complete date will be anounced soon