WKN International Promoter : Team Ken HORAN
WKN International Supervisor : M. Billy MURRAY

Ken Horan Regains his World Amateur Title & Gary Hamilton wins by ko 1 round !

Main Event
WKN Middleweight Amateur Full-Contact World Title 5×2
Ken Horan (ROI) Winner Points Vs Szymon Was(POL)

Semi Main Event
WKN Lightweight Full-Contact Prestige Bout 5×2
Gary Hamilton ( Northern Ireland ) Winner 1st Round (NI) Vs Shawn Burton (Eng)

Undercard – Team event
Galway Vs Belfast

WKN Super Welterweight Kickboxing Bout 3×2
Gary Minogue (Galway) Winner Points Vs Norbert Pavloff (Belfast)

WKN Light Middleweight K1 Rules Bout 3×2
Carl Joyce (Galway) Winner Points Vs Barrie Oliver (Belfast)

WKN Lightweight Full-Contact Bout 3×2
Ronnie Fahy (Galway)) Winner points Vs Jonny Wightman (Belfast)

WKN Lightweight Full-Contact Bout 2×2
Laura Newton (Galway) Vs Ursula Agnew Winner points (Belfast)

WKN Light Full-Contact Bout 2×2
Deidre Newell (Galway) Vs Anne Gallagher Winner points (Belfast)

WKN Bantamweight Full-Contact Bout 2×2
Andrew Connelly (Galway) Winner Vs. David Bird (Belfast)

Report by Billy MURRAY :

A delighted Frank Byrnes said this today: “As a first time co-promoter of a world championship event there was no better reward than to have the World amateur Title belt returned to its true owner.”
Our event only lacked ‘Diesel & Engine Oil’, but for a gang of garage owners this was never going to be a problem, Smooth running of the event on the day is like a fighters fitness – its all about the preparation work, we have an old saying, ‘ Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! This was not an option for our team -our team’s commitment was fed by the passion of Kens drive to regain his title, we all succeeded.”

Fight Report
Other fights on the card were – WKN World professional Champion Gary Hamilton who stopped Lincoln’s Shawn Burton in the first round in their non title bout. Gary showed why he is the WKN King with his power and skill as the young English kickboxer ‘Boom Boom’ Burton was rocked with a left kick to the head and then Gary finished him off with a combo and the final punch was a left hook to the body, and there was no coming back from that.
On the under card and first up on the night from the ProKick Gym was young David Bird in a catchweight bout. His coach Billy Murray stopped the fight before the start of the third round leaving Galway’s Andrew Connelly the winner.
Both Deidre Newell and Laura Newton fought well in their debut matches against Anne Gallagher and Ursula Agnew but were unfortunate not to take the win and in the under card bout the four girls stole the show.
There was more success for the men as Ronny Fahy won on a close points decision against Belfast’s Jonny Wightman whilst Irish Thai boxing champion Carl Joyce won on points against Barrie Oliver. And Gary Minogue won in his bout against Norbert Pavloff.

Special guest of honour was the Mayor of Galway Councilor Padraig Conneely who took in the atmosphere at the packed Kingfisher when Ken Horan’s hand was lifted aloft.