8 of May 2009 . Sao Paulo . BRAZIL

Former IVC World vice president , IVC Representative in EUROPE in the 90s and WKN World President M. Stephane CABRERA made today an agreement with IVC World president M. Sergio BATARELLI from BRAZIL . Sao Paulo , in order to restart the IVC organisation in EUROPE and in all the rest of the WORLD .


As before , M. Sergio BATARELLI will take care of BRAZILIAN / SOUTH AMERICAN Market and with support of M. Stephane CABRERA ,they will expend IVC in EUROPE , NORTH AMERICAN , ASIA , MIDLLE EAST , AFRICA and SOUTH PACIFIC.


First IVC Event New Generation will take place on June 6 in the city of PELOTAS in the state of RIO DO SUL in BRAZIL


Little History about IVC.

Back in the 90’s the IVC – International Vale Tudo Championship was considered the most real show in earth and the 3rd most important event in the world, behind only to UFC and Pride.
The IVC introduce to the world fighters like Wanderlei Silva, Mike Van Arsdale, Pelé, Chuck Liddell, Renato “Babalu” Sobral, Gary Goodridge, Johil de Oliveira, Artur Mariano, Ebenezer Fontes Braga, Branden Lee Hinkle, Carlão Barreto, Wallid Ismail, and many more.

The last edition of IVC was in Venezuela in November 11th of 2001 in the city of Caracas, it was for the first time an 16 men tournament and the champion was the American Alex Steabling, and had fighters like, Evangelista Cyborg, Milton Bahia, The Pedro, Mike Hunter and others.

Now eight years later THE IVC IS BACK ! And it will take place in the city of Pelotas in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, Pelotas is about 600km from the border with Uruguay.

This time with the new rules of MMA and using gloves of course, but the executive producer, founder and creator of IVC, Sergio Batarelli will keep the boxing ring one of the trademarks from IVC.
All the bouts will be 3 five minutes rounds.

And to keep the tradition to discover new talents to the world, this time we will use only Brazilians fighters and most of them are young guns.

If all goes well with this return, we will have at least more three events this year and with the old format, 8 men tournament, with Brazilians and foreign fighters.


Leonardo Bode – Tiliga MMA Team (Pelotas) vs Ricardo Guerreiro – Parabellum Fight Team (Rio Grande)

Patrick Pinheiro – Tiliga MMA Team (Pelotas) vs Alex Pedreira – Parabellum Fight Team ( Rio Grande )

Dener O Gigante – Parabellum Fight Team ( Rio Grande ) vs Fernando Guerra – Top Brother Team (Mato Grosso do Sul)

Fábio Alves Shon – ( Goiânia ) vs Milton Tatoo – Parabellum Fight Team (Rio Grande)

Diom Machado – Diom Machado Vale Tudo Team (Pelotas) vs Thiago Minu – Garra Team – Luis Paboom (Porto Alegre)

Leandro Gordo – Daniel Xuxa Vale Tudo Team (Porto Alegre) vs William Bacalhau – Parabellum Fight Team (Rio Grande)

Rodrigo Tiliga – Tiliga MMA Team (Pelotas) vs Gili Paraná – Parana Vale Tudo Team

Rodrigo Pitbull – Casca Grossa Team (Rio Grande) vs Cassiano Tytcshyo – Chute Boxe Team (São Paulo)

Daniel Xuxa – Daniel Xuxa Vale Tudo Team (Pelotas) vs Rafael Marretta – Marretta Team (Porto Alegre)