16 of August 2009 . Belfast . Northern Ireland

WKN International promoter : M. Billy MURRAY
WKN International Supervisor : Mrs Adele ROBINSON

Big time kickboxing is back in Northern Ireland this weekend !

Well it’s big time for the 22 new beginners who will don the gloves for the very first time this Sunday.
ProKick members who are taking part in the Kickboxing extravaganza on August 16 were well and truly sticking the ‘Boot In’ as they faced early morning runs and pad work all week long. The wannabe fighters found out what it takes to really get fit and prepare themselves for a simple 3×2 minute round fight this Sunday. Hah! There is nothing simple about stepping into the ring and they all know that now.

Top of the bill is a K1 style fight featuring Killinchy’s Mauler Barrie Oliver against tough Scottish opponent Mikey Shields.

Complete Fight card :

Boxing Exhibition
David Bird (ProKick) Vs Stevie Quinn (Eastside Boxing)

Stuart Jess Vs Eastside Boxer

Kickboxing Next Generation Fight Card

Oliver McCarthy (Ken Horan KB) Vs Bryan Houlihan (Gan Teora Dublin)

Paul Mc Clintock (ProKick) Vs Mark Lord (Gan Teora Dublin)

Dani Mc Aloram (Lurgan MMA) Vs Shane O Malley Nov (Gan Teora Dublin)

David Hunsdale (ProKick) Vs Wayne Kelly (Gan Teora Dublin)

Jordan Ferguson (ProKick) Vs Nicola Hutchinson 62kg (Golden Dragon MA)

Colin Simms (ProKick) Vs Niall Byrne (Gan Teora Dublin)

Alastair McMichael (ProKick) Vs Anto Tipper (Gan Teora Dublin)

Pawel Gorka (ProKick) Vs Ivan Vaskov (Gan Teora Dublin)

Gary Fullerton (ProKick) Vs Barry O’Toole (Gan Teora) Dublin

Anne Gallagher (ProKick) Vs Lindsay Doyle (Gan Teora Dublin)

Stephen Houstan (ProKick) vs Lee Canavan (MMA Lurgan

Mark Winter (ProKick) Vs Greg Thornton (MMA Lurgan)

Thomas McKee (ProKick) Vs Robert Dempsey (Ken Horan KB)

Chris Hopkins (ProKick) Vs Ronnie Fahy (Ken Horan KB)

David Bird (ProKick) Vs Pete Hamil (MMA Lurgan)

Northern Ireland vs Scotland

Kickboxing Orientales rules , 4×2 min
Barrie Oliver (ProKick – Belfast) Vs Mikey Shields (Kicktec Scotland)