16 of August 2009 . Belfast . Northern Ireland

WKN International promoter : M. Billy MURRAY
WKN International Supervisor : Mrs Adele ROBINSON


Holiday Inn Belfast

Report By Billy MURRAY :
It was standing room only at the Holiday Inn hotel as Ireland’s Next Generation of beginners took to the ring on a special event geared mainly for first timers. Clubs from all over Ireland took part 18 strong fight card as 36 fighters battled out for their moment of glory. Big thanks to all participating clubs listed below in the fight results, officials, supporters and sponsors, it would be virtually impossible to do it without you. Full Fight report, video and photographs to follow.

Fight Report

Boxing Exhibitions

David Bird (ProKick) Vs Stevie Quinn (Eastside Boxing)

Stuart Jess Vs Carlos Hanfast (Eastside Boxing)

Next Generation results

Oliver McCarthy Winner Points (Ken Horan KB) Vs Bryan Houlihan (Gan Teora Dublin)

Mark Winter Winner 2nd round (ProKick) Vs Mark Lord (Gan Teora Dublin)

Lee Canavan Winner (MMA Lurgan Vs Mark Byrne (Gan Teora Dublin)

Jordan Ferguson Winner Points (ProKick) Vs Nicola Hutchinson (Golden Dragon MA)

Stephen Houstan (ProKick) vs Pete Hamil Winner Points (MMA Lurgan)

Paul Mc Clintock (ProKick) Vs Greg Thornton Winner 1st Round (MMA Lurgan)

Colin Simms Winner Points (ProKick) Vs Dani Mc Aloram (MMA Lurgan)

David Hunsdale (ProKick) Vs Wayne Kelly Winner Points (Gan Teora Dublin)

Alastair McMichael (ProKick) Vs Anto Tipper (Gan Teora Dublin) Draw

Pawel Gorka (ProKick) Vs Ivan Vaskov (Gan Teora Dublin
Technical Draw due to both fighters fouling

Anne Gallagher (ProKick) Winner Points Vs Lindsay Doyle (Gan Teora Dublin)

Thomas McKee (ProKick) Winner Points Vs Robert Dempsey (Ken Horan KB)

Gary Fullerton (ProKick) Winner Points Vs Shane O Malley Nov (Gan Teora Dublin)

Stuart Jess (ProKick) Vs Barry O’Toole (Gan Teora) Winner Points Dublin

Chris Hopkins (ProKick) Vs Ronnie Fahy (Ken Horan KB) Draw

Northern Ireland vs Scotland – Kick Boxing Orientales style 4×2
Barrie Oliver (ProKick – Belfast) Vs Mikey Shields Winner Points (Kicktec Scotland