WKN International Promoter : M. Billy MURRAY
WKN International Supervisor : Mrs Adele ROBINSON


Report by M. Billy MURRAY :

The Kickboxing world was focused on Belfast at the weekend as K1 Dutch fight legend Ernesto Hoost made a welcomed return for a Kickboxing feast, fights and master class.

Saturday night saw Billy Murray’s event of the year – the ProKick Bash ‘n’ Mash night as Ireland’s top kickboxing club laid it on thick at the Hilton hotel, Belfast. Those fight-fans lucky enough to acquire a ticket savoured a top class meal followed by Five kickboxing bouts for dessert.

In the past, Murray’s Bash n Mash has drawn TV stars, pop idols, sporting heroes and politicians. It has became one of the ‘must-attend’ nights on Northern Ireland’s sporting calendar.

Top of the bill was – ProKick’s Mark Bird as the Hillsborough fighter answered his critics with a dazzling display of speed combined with knock-out power by taking out German’s Kevin Eiberg of Hamburg in the first round in a K1 Thai-Boxing style match scheduled over 4×2 minute rounds.

Mark’s younger brother was not so fortunate as he lost on points to Dylan Moran of Waterford. West Belfast girl Ursula Agnew was narrowly out pointed by veteran Lean Carberry. Another West Belfast ProKick fighter Michael O’Neill hammered out a unanimous win over though Polish fighter Bert Regulinski.

Scotland’s ProKicker Mikey Shields took a points win over Sean Barrett of Billy O’Sullivan’s gym in Waterford.

The next day, Sunday saw two master classes by the guest of honour 4 times K1 kickboxing Grand Prix Champion and martial arts Superstar Mr ‘Perfect’ Ernesto Hoost.
Hoost dazzled the classes with his speed and power and technical ability. He took to the ring to show the students how it was done by sparring with ProKick’s elite in two separate classes.

Hoost said, “I really enjoy coming to Belfast, I like the people here for their warmest and the hospitality and for their enthusiasm to learn. I would also like to see a Bash ‘n’ Mash type of event in Holland.”

Pictures and video from the weekends visit are on-line at www.ProKick.com

Results in brief:

Full-Contact rules 3×2
David Bird (ProKick, Belfast) Vs Dylan Moran Winner Points (Waterford)

Full-Contact rules 3×2
Michael O’Neill (ProKick, Belfast) Winner Points (ProKick) Vs Bert Regulinski ( Polish)

Full-Contact rules 3×2
Ursula Agnew (ProKick) Vs Lean Carberry Winner Points (Waterford)

Full-Contact rules 3×2
Mikey Shields Winner Points (Scotland) Vs Sean Barrett (Waterford)

Oriental rules K1 Style 3×3
Mark Bird Winner 1st Round Corner retired fighter (ProKick) Vs Kevin Eiberg (Germany)