WKN International promoter : Total Carnage Promotions / Jupiters Hotel & Casino
WKN International supervisor and coordinator : Mr Parviz ISKENDEROV

Total Carnage: The best Muay Thai show ever promoted in Australia

*Broadcast by FOX Sports

Fight results

WKN World Championship Full Muay Thai Rules – 96.600 kg
Nathan Carnage CORBETT (Australia) wins on points vs Stephane SUSPERREGUI (France)

WKN World Championship Full Muay Thai Rules Title 5×3mn – 69.900kg
Frank GIORGI (Australia) wins on points vs Tobias ALEXANDERSON (Sweden)

WKN Australian National Title Full Muay Thai Rules
Kym JOHNSON (Adelaide, SA) wins on points vs Brett WITTON (Gold Coast, QLD)

WKN Queensland State Muay Thai Title
Kyle WESTERBERG wins by judges score cards vs Odin DANIELS

Mark LUCCHIARI (Gold Coast, QLD) wins on points vs Daniel SMYRK (Melbourne, VIC)

Amanaki HAVILI wins on points vs Nase FOAI

Clayton COOK wins on points vs Jai BRADNEY

Ryan McDONALD wins on points vs Ben AUSTIN