November 17 / 2012 . ROSTOCK . GERMANY

  • WKN International promoter : G.F.C / German Fight CompanyNovember 17 / 2012 . ROSTOCK . GERMANY
  • WKN International promoter : G.F.C / German Fight Company
  • WKN International supervisor : Mr Klaus HAGEMANN


Darren McMullan tale of the tape :

  • WKN Amateur Middleweight European Champion
  • Northern Ireland
  • Prokick Gym
  • Record 15F 9W 3L 3D
  • Height 6ft 2
  • Weight 73-75kg
  • Style Full contact – Low-Kick – K1 Style – Boxing
  • Age 26
  • Birthplace Belfast

Darren stared training at ProKick at the start of 2009 and since then has had 15 fights with three of those fights back to back just under 3 weeks. He had his first bout in 12-04-2010 but due to an unrelated shoulder injury, was unfortunately out of action for almost a year. Darren holds a purple belt in the syllabus side of the sport and now is back in full swing after shoulder, knee and hand injuries. He prepared himself for the the biggest fight to date on the Thai-Tanic event which took part on June 10th in Belfast – he lifted the WKN European amateur middleweight title. The doctor stopped the fight in the 4th due to a bad cut to Demetris Sarantopolous of Greece. Recently Darren was in Corsica taking part in his first K1 style 4-man tournament against top European fighters. He has few more scheduled matches up-n-coming this year – first in London at the end of September, Switzerland in October and Malta November and a home event for KICKmas and that’s all before he gets any other offer.

What got you interested in kickboxing?
I have always had an interest in fighting MMA/boxing as a sport, the fitness and competition

What are your future ambitions?
I am currently training for a future 1st fight and all being well i will be fit enough but following this fight i would like to continue further fights and progress with my fitness and skill.

What are your hobbies out side kickboxing?
I work quite alot but outside kickboxing i train in the gym or attend international dance music events

Favourite food?
I enjoy my food alot and enjoy eating healthy foods like vegetables and meats

Favourite Band or Music or Artist ?
I listen to hardstyle dance music, i attend many Q-Dance label events mainly in holland

Favourite Movie?
I often watch films, some of my favorites would be American History X, Training Day, American Ganster, Face Off

Favourite Holiday Destination?
I have been to several loacations around the globe but holland still tops them all for me as it s the country of music with the best dance festivals going !!

What makes you annoyed?
I dont like to be annoyed I have quite a relaxed frame of mind and enjoy joking around

IF you could be one person who would it be and why?
If I could be one person it would have to be a hardstyle MC, they have the best time ever, on stage introducing djs, best view over the crowd and tour the world listening to the best sounds

What do your friends think of you kickboxing?
My friends think its good that I enjoy it so much and am quite dedicated to training and fitness

What do your family think of you kickboxing?
My family like my dedication and interest in such a sport but as family are family they do get quite uneasy at the thought of the vicious nature of the sport

Are you married? and how long?
I have a girlfriend of 3 years i am not married and have no childrennd have no children