December 9 . 2012 / BELFAST . NORTHERN IRELAND

  • WKN International promoter : Prokick Gym / Mr Billy MURRAY
  • WKN International supervisor : Mrs Adele ROBINSON



This years KICKmas Cracker 2012 certainly lived up to the billing of season promise, of a ‘Festive Feast of Fists n Feet’. Belfast’s Gary Hamilton a Full-Contact specialist showed he still has the metal, heart and desire to be a world champion again and regardless of style. Hamilton had to climb of the canvas in the first and second round, the Belfast Boy took a hard straight right hand and in round two a full jumping knee. It wasn’t until round three that the former WKN world champion got back in the fight . And in the fourth, Hamilton, went to work on the body that created the opening for a series of head shots that saw the young 21 year-old be counted out.

Fight Report in Brief:

It was a great night for the ProKick gym in Belfast as just 2 weeks ago the team were well beaten in Malta, an embarrassing 5-1 but tonight it was the Magnificent seven – seven wins from seven matches. KICKmas 2012 had it all – thrills, spills, knockdowns and the very best audience.
WKN Style Prestige Match 64 Kg 4X2 Minute Rounds
Gary Hamilton (Winner 4th TKO)(N.Ireland) Vs Melvin Wassing (Holland)

WKN Amateur British Title 74Kg Full Contact Rules 4×2 Minute Rounds
Darren McMullan (Winner points)(N.Ireland) Vs Dave Krasjuck (Scotland)
The second of the Semi Main events -Darren McMullan lifts a WKN British title in one of the fights of the night. It looked as if it was all over in the first round when Krasjack was down two-times with with the same punch, a right uppercut. Well the audience thought that but the brave Scott had other plans as he pushed the Belfast man McMullan to the final bell

WKN Full Contact Amateur British Title Rematch 57Kg
4×2 Minute Rounds
Ursula Agnew (Winner 2nd TKO)(N.Ireland) Vs Shari Martin (Scotland)
Semi Main event was a Lady-Killers match Agnew was just to big too strong for the little fire-Ball from Scotland. Martin’s corner called a halt to the match at the start of the second round.

Full Contact Rules 67Kg
3×2 Minute Rounds
Davy Foster (Winner 2nd TKO) (N.Ireland) Vs James McRobbie (Scotland)
Father of Five Foster was back on winning form with a stoppage win as he mixed it up with the Scottish champion McBobbie.

Full Contact Rules 70Kg
3×2 Minute Rounds
Samantha Robb (Winner 3rd TKO)(N.Ireland) Vs Whitney Haberland (Holland)
It was the turn of Lady-Killers and Belfast’s tattoo’d dragon Samantha Rodd was back in the ring again just after ProKick’s only win in Malta by Samantha. This was a good test for the ProKick fighter as she faced tough Dutch fighter Haberland.

Full Contact Junior 55Kg
3×1.5 Minute Rounds
Baillie Clinton (Winner points)(N.Ireland) Vs Brandy Malasch (Holland)
Some would say that Brandy & Ballie’ tussle were bout was candidates for fight of the night. Two young 14 year-olds show it all in the ring…well done both boys, a great little scrap.

Full Contact Junior 52Kg
3×1.5 Minute Rounds
George Eyre (Winner 1st Ref stopped)(ProKick) Vs Matthew Bowman (Tarr’s Gym)
Well done to George Eyre as the little 15 year-old opened his account as a kickboxer with a win by-way-of the short route. Referee stopped the proceeding in the first round.

A BIG thanks to all the fighters, trainers, supporters who made this event possible
Have a great Christmas and a happy new year.
And not forgetting my incredible team that worked really really hard to make KICKmas 2012 happen.
Thank you all ……Billy Murray