November 15, 2013 – Montreal, Canada

  • WKN International promoter : Mr Angelo DI BELLA
  • WKN International supervisor : To Be Announced


WKN Intercontinental Junior Kick-boxing Championship in Canada

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Main Event :

WKN Junior Intercontinental Championship Kickboxing Orientales rules / 4×2 mn / Super bantamweight
Jonathan DI BELLA ( CANADA ) vs To Be Announced ( AUSTRIA )

WKN Junior Intercontinental Championship Kickboxing Orientales rules / 4×2 mn / Featherweight
Maria INFANTE ( CANADA ) vs To Be Announced ( AUSTRIA )

Included Top CANADIAN fighters : Justin MANCINI , Maria GALLO , Dominic RUCCOLO , Marco CYR , Victor PALACIOS


Shihan Angelo Di Bella received his black belt 1st Dan at the young age of 12. Although he continued his Martial Arts training for many years that followed and still does, as the years passed, his love for boxing and his lack of interest in point fighting lead him to pursue Kickboxing. As an amateur, he held a record of 4-0 (1 KO). At age 17 he turned Pro and was named ‘the Italian Tornado’ for both his Italian heritage and his speed. Aside from the fast fury of punches and kicks, one of his strongest attributes is his tremendous furious spinning backfist.

In 1988 at the age of 19, he opened and operated 2 school in Montreal simultaneously. Currently, he has put his focus and operations into one main school located on St-Michel.

Aside from being Master Instructor at the Angelo Di Bella Karate Kickboxing School, Shihan Angelo Di Bella has also taught classes at McGill University and Dawson College. He has held and continues to hold Afterschool Martial Arts Programs in various elementary schools.
Throughout almost 20 years of teaching, his focus has remained the same. His students and his continuous commitment to turn them into Black Belt Champions.