Riyadh Alazzawi – undefeated 5x WKN Kickboxing Full Contact Champion of the World from Iraq, living in England breaks the news across the World with his £200,000 Gold Plated Ferrari

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Daily Mail, NineMSN, Mirror, Fightmag.net and many other leading international news and media across the World reported about Riyadh’s super-car.

The car is believed to be the only one of its kind in the UK.

Riyadh Al-Azzawi won his WKN kickboxing world-champion belt in 2008 and has defended it against all challengers since, he currently has a career record of 47 wins out of 47 bouts, with 35 knockouts.

Riyadh says that his dream is to unite Iraq through kickboxing and to defend his title in his home country.

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