May 3, 2014 – Greifswald, Germany

  • WKN International promoter : Team KICKBOXING GREISWALD
  • WKN International supervisor : Mr Klaus HAGEMANN

Fight Results from the Top Kickboxing Fight Night in Greifswald, Germany

kickboxing championships

Main event :

WKN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP PRO/AM KICKBOXING Orientales rules / 72,600 kg / 5×2 mn
Sasha ALEXANDER ( GERMANY ) wins on points vs Alex CIOCOI ( ROMANIA )

WKN EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP PRO/AM KICKBOXING Orientales rules / 72,600 kg / 4×2 mn
David WACHS ( GERMANY ) vs wins on points Darren MAC MULLAN ( NORTHERN IRELAND )

WKN GERMAN CHAMPIONSHIP PRO/AM KICKBOXING Orientales rules / 60,100 kg / 4×2 mn
Qurban HUSSEINI ( GERMANY ) wins on points vs Alex CIOCOI ( ROMANIA )


The latest pip-stop for ProKick fighters was in Grieswald, Germany on May 3rd 2014. Darren McMullan and Alex Ciocoi both represent NI in WKN championship matches. Alex Ciocoi compete for world honours whilst McMullan got a European revenge match he so craved for. Writes, Billy Murray.

ProKick Belfast Fighters Alex Ciocoi and Darren McMullen competed in Germany for WKN World and European amateur titles:
Romanian born Alex Ciocoi now based and fighting out of Belfast, lost his bid for the WKN K1 style World crown. Ciocoi’s World crown challenge was at 79.4kg but lost on points. The Belfast fighter gained valuable experience facing the stronger and more experience Sasha Alexander of the Ukraine. The fight was tit-of-tat for the first 2 opening rounds, and at times the two counter fighters had a battle of wits with Sasha coming out on top.
At the end Sasha Alexander was the more effective fighter and took an unanimous points win on all three judges cards retaining his WKN world crown. The champion done a brilliant job and so did Alex in just his 15th fight as a kickboxing.

Darren McMullen is never in a dull fight. The Ballygoawn joiner had the tools to force the fight from round 1 to especially the last round, No.4 – that’s were he pushed the tough Wachs from pillar to post, looking as if he could force a stoppage at anytime. But it didn’t happen and the champion Wachs fought back on the retreat, hanging-on to hear the final bell.

The ProKick team along with many ringsiders thought – this time, McMullan would take his WKN European title back off the German. But no, it was a sense of Deja Vu, it was a split decision in favour for David Wachs. McMullen was in another show-stopper and again was split with the judges. McMullen finished the stronger in the last round but Wachs got the nod from the judges and held on to his title yet again.

Could there be a trilogy – McMullan Vs Wachs III…and this time in Belfast?

A big thanks to all the people who made these fights happen:

The WKN – Mr Cabrera
The promoters – mma-team-east-Germany
Team Wachs – The German Fight Company
Sasha Alexander team

And last but not least, Mr Klaus Hagemann who worked tirelessly and took time to look after our teams every need. A massive thank you Klaus. The German promoters don’t know how lucky they are that you are working and helping them on their events. You did a brilliant job.