September 13, 2014 – Belfast, Northern Ireland

WKN International promoter : Mr Billy MURRAY
WKN international supervisor : Mrs Adele ROBINSON

Lords of the Ring – SEVEN knockout WKN Kickboxing World Championships on the card – press conference report

world championship kickboxing
Gary Hamilton from Northern Ireland and Allan of Scotland at last Friday’s press conference in Belfast.

The wait is over as all eyes were focused on Belfast as Gary Hamilton’s opponent for the WKN World crown was revealed. It was just launched at the Press conference Hamilton will face two-time World Full-Contact champion San Allan of Scotland for the WKN Light Welterweight professional title which will be contested over 12 x 2 min rounds.

This will be the biggest fight night at the Ulster Hall since Barry McGuigan had the gloves or when Billy Murray took his first world title in 1989 against the brilliant American, Richard Hill 25 years ago to the day on September 13th 2014.

Belfast, now the epicentre of European Kickboxing will show why that is come September 13th, it will be time for the ‘Lords Of The Ring’
But today Friday the 18th July 2014 was all about, Sam Allan from Rivals Gym Scotland who is a two-time professional world kickboxing champion. He is also the Contender with Belfast’s Gary Hamilton as both contest for the vacant WKN (World Kickboxing Network) Light-welterweight world crown. Allan, will go up against ProKick`s Gary Hamilton in his next, and possibly last fight if Hamilton is unsuccessful. The well-established Belfast fighter will be back in the Ulster Hall on September 13th for the Lord of the Rings show where he`ll be fighting for more than a world title, his career.

Hamilton, who has been awarded every major accolade in the world of kickboxing, stated during a recent press conference at the Ulster Hall that this bout would be his decider – win and he`s back in the game, lose and he`ll retire. This is a make-or-break match for Hamilton and he`ll have to be in the best shape ever of his 20 year career to win 12 rounds against such a self-assured opponent as Allan.

Sam `Cadbury Kid` Allan is the first fighter to unify the ISKA Light welterweight and WKA Light welterweight titles and has no intention of stopping there, he now wants to add the WKN title to his takings before moving on to work for big promotional companies like GLORY and K1- if he can just win another world title from the most prestigious governing body.

The 23 year old from Scotland already has enough quotes to fit right into the entertainment industry with ease and appears to see sport as just a bit of fun. He recently gave up two belts in the hope that someone would step up and fight him for one but has yet to have any offers. Allan also sees a five round match as `a bit of playtime` and a 12 rounder ` a bit boring, like a chess match`. His view on suitable opponents is just as hard-hitting and feels that `there’s no point just dragging someone in who isn’t world champion class`.

We all know Gary Hamilton is a world class fighter so this could well be the perfect match – both men are similar height and weight and both are fighting for their careers, one to move his into the televised arena and the other to kick-start his back into action.

Round one has started already in the shape of a battle of wills as both fighters have been throwing words across the Irish Sea at each other; the score so far is stale-mate so maybe the Cadbury Kid is on to something with his reference to chess. Allan said this is the correct time for him to beat Hamilton in front of his home-crowd. Hamilton came back stating that it’s the right time to stop talking, time to see who`s best.

Allan further stated that Hamilton is past his prime – putting himself out there as the younger, fresher, faster, and stronger champion he added that Gary Hamilton is a very well-respected fighter and he wishes Gary all the best in his preparations.

Hamilton countered by saying the `new kid on the block` has re-lit his fuse and that what Allan thinks about his own skills will not count against the experience Hamilton has clocked up over the years. Final words from Hamilton came in the shape of also wishing his opponent well with his prep…as he`s gonna need it!

The fight card for the Lords of the Ring show is loaded with world title fights and every fighter wants the win but there’s` only room for seven. Who will they be? Get your tickets while you still can and be a part of this incredible fight night.

Sam Allan – Fight Record: Fight record: wins-40 / lost-5 Age: 23 Size: 5ft 7 inch Weight: 64kg

Gary Hamilton – Fight Record: wins-73 / lost-8 Age: 34 Size: 5ft 9inch Weight: 64kg