August 4, 2014 – Saint Tropez, France

  • Promoter : Mr Olivier MULLER

Fight Night Saint Tropez: Official Weigh-ins done for tonight’s super-show with WKN World Champions Jerome Le Banner, Vladimir Mineev, Nicolas Wamba, Jessy Petit-Jean and Corentin Jallon

fight night st tropez
Face Off: Colin George (Holland) vs Jerome Le Banner (France) at Weigh-ins for Fight Night Saint Tropez


Jerome Le Banner (France) vs Colin George (England)

Peter Aerts (Holland) vs Freddy Kemayo (France)

Vladimir Mineev (Russia) vs Mikahail Tuturev (Russia)

Nicolas Wamba (France) vs Arnold Oborotov (Lithuania)

Yohan Kongolo (Switzerland) vs Nicolas Gallo (Italy)

Jessy Petit-Jean (Belgium) vs Maneenoi Ekkarit (Thailand)

Correntin Jallon (France) vs Filip VEerlinder (Belgium)

Kevin Eiberg (Germany) vs Samsamut (Thailand)

Irina Mazepa (Russia) vs Taehiran (Thailand)

fight night
Face off: Vladimir Mineev (Russia) vs Mikahail Tuturev (Russia)
fight night
Face off: Arnold Oborotov (Lithuania) vs Nicolas Wamba (France)