September 13, 2014 – Belfast, Northern Ireland

  • WKN International promoter: Mr Billy Murray
  • WKN international supervisor: Mrs Adele Robinson

‘Well done to everyone at tonight’s weigh-ins and for the help in this Super WKN ProKick show in Belfast. Thank you in advance to all the helpers, fighters, coaches and officials and Mr Cabrera for all his help in putting this mega event together. The best is yet to come….Fight-Night!’ – Billy Murray, Promoter

fight night belfast
Gary Hamilton and Paolo Renna official weigh-in for the WKN Kickboxing World Championship at Lords of the Ring Fight Night in Belfast.

Ireland’s kickboxing legend Billy Murray will celebrate the day when 25 years ago he became the world kickboxing champion for the first time.

billy murray kickboxing
Billy Murray, legendary Ireland’s kickboxer and now promoter of Lords of the Ring fight night in Belfast.

The Lords of the Ring, the Silver Jubilee fight night in Belfast’s Ulster Hall will showcase SEVEN knockout WKN world title bouts in all styles. Kickboxing Low Kick, K-1 Rules and Full Contact. In the main event of the evening famous Gary Hamilton will take on Paolo Renna from Belgium.

Main Evemt

WKN Professional Light welterweight world title 64,4kg
Full-Contact rules. 12×2 min rounds
Gary Hamilton (Belfast, NI) Vs Paolo Renna (Belgium)

Under Card

WKN Amateur Welterweight world title 66.7 kg / woman
Low-Kick rules. 5×2 min rounds
Samantha Robb (Tyrella, NI) Vs Sona Čeredejova (Slovakia)

WKN Amateur Lightweight world title 54.9 kg / woman
K1 Sytle Oriental rules. 5×2 min rounds
Cathy McAleer (Belfast, NI) Vs Fadma Basrir (Moroccan French)

WKN Amateur Lightweight world title 58,5 kg / woman
Full-Contact rules. 5×2 min rounds
Ursula Agnew (Belfast, NI) Vs Ivana Miklašova (Slovakia)

WKN Amateur Light-heavyweight world title 79.4 kg
K1 Sytle Oriental rules. 5×2 min rounds
Alex Ciocoi (Romania-Belfast) Vs Mumun Batur (Turkey)

WKN Amateur Middleweight world title 76,4 kg
K1 Sytle Oriental rules. 5×2 min rounds
Darren McMullan (Ballygowan, NI) Vs David Washs (Germany)

WKN Amateur Super-welterweight world title 69.9 kg
K1 Sytle Oriental rules. 5×2 min rounds
Johnny Smith (Bangor, NI) Vs Hakim Ketaieb (France)