November 21, 2014 – New York, USA

Gary Hamilton, the new WKN kickboxing full contact world champion from famous ProKick gym will face Bobby Campbell of America in New York City on November 21.

gary hamilton kickboxing
Gary Hamilton, WKN world champion from Belfast, Northern Ireland

The dust has barely settled after The Lords of the Ring show and ProKick fighters are back in the gym getting ready for the next challenge. Plans are under way for Belfast’s new WKN world champion Gary Hamilton to face American, Bobby Campbell, a former Full-Contact World champion, and the fight will be in New York on November 21st.

Gary Hamilton will be back in action this time in America, Hamilton was back to grace on the latest ProKick event which took place at the Ulster Hall on Saturday 13th September – that saw the Belfast boy return to the World stage after a stoppage win in the 6th round against Paolo Renna of Belgium.

Inundated with fight offers: Since the return to form of Gary Hamilton, the phone has been ringing off the hook with offers and challenges, said coach and promoter Billy Murray. “The most enticing one comes from New York City in the shape of Bobby Campbell a former WKA 64kg Full-Contact World champion, that’s the one Gary is keen to fight, the fight has been agreed, we are just waiting on contracts to be signed.”

Both Hamilton and Campbell have one thing in common…Sam Allan. Allan has pulled out of fights against both competitors this year on injury, and although Allan did win against Campbell, who lost on points in 2013.

The match will be a prestige fight with no title involved and will take place on 21st November over 10 rounds of full-contact kickboxing.

ProKick head coach Billy Murray is currently negotiating for other ProKick fighters to join Hamilton in the Big Apple so watch this space….