On the 1st of October 2014 the World Kickboxing Network starts a new activity in South Africa. The WKN has agreed to make a one-year-term, with the option of time extension in future, to register the National Federation ‘K1 Kickboxing South Africa’, founded by Mr Mladen Bobic.

kickboxing south africa
K1 Kickboxing South Africa National Federations gets accreditation under the World Kickboxing Network

The TWO kickboxing events in South Africa, that will be promoted under the banner of the WKN, are already confirmed. The events will include the WKN South Africa National kickboxing amateur championships.

South Africa will also host a Kickboxing Seminar with the World Kickboxing Network president, Mr Stephane Cabrera. This event is currently in the process of arrangement, planned to take its place in September-October 2015.

Mr Mladen Bobice, K1 Kickboxing South Africa, founder

I’ve started with traditional Karate 1975 in Partizan Belgrade. All my colour belts until blackbelt I got graduating under Japanese Master Tecuji Murakami.Some of this grading I’ve attended in France at Serignan plage (international Beach camp) which was open to all karakteka in those days to attend and compete. Mr Murakami turn his organisation completely traditional style, with no competitions.

kickboxing south africa
Mr Mladen Bobic, K1 Kickboxing South Africa
  • 1986 I was realised from 1,1/2 years Military service in Kosovo,during which I actively trained Boxing. I put my experience From Karate and Boxing together, and I have had opened one of the first Full contact club in Belgrade in Sport Centre Vracar called Full Contact Gym Belgrade.
  • 1986 same year I’ve Join as gym to so called YU KICK Yugoslav Combat Sport Federation
  • 1987 I graduated at ZAVOD ZA FIZICKU KULTURU NOVI SAD (Institute for Physical Culture Of Novi Sad) and I have had acquired the professional title of Coach First degree for Sports Branch KARATE
  • 1991 I did my last tournament in Rijeka for YU KICK and in those times because of break out of Old Yugoslavia and I joined to Mr Pelevic kickboxing organisation.WAKO Serbia and Crna Gora. (Monte Negro)
  • Between 1986 and 1991 me and my team were fighting full Contact,low kick, and savate under YU KICK with quite mixed results.
  • Between 1991 and 1992 in just two years I produced 5 National (amateur) Champions.Two of them are still running kickboxing club in Belgrade now called “Goran Ostoic ” My Serbian instructors Gavrilovic Dejan and Ahmed Bakir are still operating and they produced many amateur junior and senior Champions.
  • 1992 I came to South Africa,I opened few Gyms, moving to different areas
  • 1996 One of my best African fighters Lucky Notchele won World Title under 67 (Thaiboxing rules)
  • 2000 I achieved One of my best results worthwhile to mention,I won Pro-title in Johannesburg South Africa
  • 2003 I attended Fairtex (old Fairtex Muay Thai Camp)Muay Thai Camp in Thailand under old Master APIDEJ SIT -HIRUN.
  • 2004 One of my best Heavyweight fighter won in Athena Greece World Heavy Weight Title
  • 2004 I acquired on the same WC International Judge’s certificate.
  • 2004 I acquired BLACK BELT 2 nd Degree
  • 2005 I’ve acquired BLACK BELT 3 rd Degree
  • 2006 My fighter Rayno Lisbon won title under 60 kg junior division in Greece
  • 2007 I’ve acquired BLACK BELT 4 th Degree WAKO South AFRICA
  • 2008 My fighter Mxolisi Elijah( African) won WAKO Intercontinental Title under 78 kg in Match between South Africa and Canada in Johannesburg South AFRICA.
  • 2010 I did my last tournament as a promoter for WAKO SOUTH AFRICA.
  • 2011 -2012 I acquired Yellow Glove and Instructor Grade in Savate French-boxing in series of seminars held by Serbian National coach Miodrag Rakic in Johannesburg (South AFRICA)and Ruma (Serbia)
  • 2011 I acquired BLACK BELT 5 th Degree
  • 2012 Group of Trainers and Couches, friends with whom I’ve had worked in South Africa for many years,joined together and established “K1-KICKBOXING SOUTH AFRICA”Non Profitable Organisation.

In period from year 2000 to this day I’ve produced many Amateur, ProAm and Pro champions in South Africa under different organizations. We got 20 clubs, and out of 20-15 clubs are very active!