WKN Makes 20 Years of Kickboxing History

October 10, 2014 – Perth, Australia

EXCLUSIVE media release on the World Kickboxing Network TWENTY Year Anniversary (1994-2014) was published by FIGHTMAG this September.

stephane cabrera kickboxing
Stephane Cabrera, World Kickboxing Network President.

A special report provides a comprehensive summary of the global activity of the W.K.N. across the World during the last TWENTY years, along with the historical facts of the development and rise of Kick Boxing.

kickboxing champions belt
World Kickboxing Network Title Belt

Mr Stephane Cabrera, the World Kickboxing Network President, has exclusively told FIGHTMAG the story of his early days as an athlete, trainer and manager of one of the best international teams from France, the establishment of the WKN and its operation on every part of the Planet, introduction of Kick-Boxing to Don King, rise in countries like Romania, invention to places like Nigeria, popularising in Malta, development in unique areas, delivery of MMA via Vale Tudo to Europe, creation of new concepts and brands, involvement of outstanding people and much more.


The video trailer below is the WKN Hall Of Fame that combines historical and archived photographs and graphics starting in 1994 till present.