October 18, 2014 – Draguignan, France

  • WKN International Promoter : Team Gregory
  • WKN International supervisor : Mr Habib Bakir


French renowned Tony Gregory will clash with Solid Ukrainian Dmytro Bezus in the WKN Super-Heavyweight Kickboxing World Championship under K-1 Rules headlining the Choc Fight Night.

world championship kickboxing
Tony Gregory

The fight will also include National and Regional kickboxing bouts bringing together the best of the international kickboxing to the city of Draguigan on 18th October.

dmitri bezus kickboxing
Dmytro Bezus

Main event :

WKN Kickboxing Super-Heavyweight World Championship / K-1 Rules / 5x3mn
Tony Gregory (France) vs Dmytro ‘Bison’ Bezus (Ukraine)

world kickboxing championship
Tony Gregory and Dmitro Bezus will challenge prestigious WKN Kickboxing World title under K-1 Rules in the Super-Heavyweight division.