November 16, 2014 – Budapest, Hungary

  • WKN International promoter : REGYM Hungary / Mr Rehak GYORGY
  • WKN International supervisor : Mr Gyorgy VOJVODA

Antoine Habash, young talented kickboxer from Budapest Team Rehak Ryorgy has taken two wins in his latest bouts against famous Polish Tomasz Makowski and top Slovakian Samuel Hadzima.

antoine habash kickboxer
Antoine Habash

Antoine Habash will now be challenging Tihomir Mitev, current WKN kickboxing champion of Europe from Bulgaria at Fight Night Hungary promoted by Mr Rehak Gyorgy on November 16 in Budapest.

Main Event

WKN Kickboxing European Championship / Oriental Rules / -60.300 kg / 5x3mn
Tihomir Mitev (Bulgaria / Champion) vs Antoine Habash (Hungary / Challenger)