November 14, 2014 – Liepaja, Latvia

  • Venue: Liepaja Olympic center
  • Promoter: BB Inc
  • BB/WKN Head Referee: Mr Steve Smoger (USA) and Mr Klaus Hagemann (Germany)
  • BB/WKN Officials: Mr Klaus Hagemann (Germany), Mr Emil Irimia (Romania), Mr Bruno Wartelle (France)
  • Supervisor: Mr Stephane Cabrera, IBA Europe Continental Representative
  • MC: Mr Jean-Philippe Lustyk (France)

Watch Live Girl Power 8-Women Tournament Live on Dailymotion Pay-Per-View starting at 8PM (UTC+2)

girls kickboxing
Bigger’s Better Girl Power Edition Participants

Bigger’s Better GIRL POWER edition – 8 Women Tournament Winner Takes All

Official Draw 1/8 Final

  • Seda Duygu Aygun (Turkey) vs Elna Nilsson (Sweden)
  • Daorung Samrong (Thailand) vs Ivana Miklasova (Slovakia)
  • Anna Tatjana Lie (Norway) vs Pernille Schjønning (Denmark)
  • Karina Jarjomenko (Latvia) vs Ratnadiptee Shimpi (India)

The Girl Power event features sensational debut of the worlds best boxing ref Mr Steve Smoger when he enters the ring to referee kickboxing matches in the terms of being officially recognized by the World Kickboxing Network.

kickboxing title belt
WKN Kickboxing Special Title Belt for Bigger’s Better Girl Power Edition

Watch Girl Power Edition Live Stream Online

What: Girl Power Edition – 8 Women Kickboxing Tournament
When: Friday 14 November 2014 at 8.00pm (UTC+02.00)
Duration of the event: 2 Hours
How to Watch: Pay-Per-View Dailymotion – only €5.99