December 6, 2014 – Essex, England

  • WKN international promoter : Double K
  • WKN International Supervisor : Mr Kieran KEDDLE

England’s Jamie Whelan defeated German Tabuenca from Spain in the main event of the fourth edition of Nak Muay Fight Series promoted in Essex by Kieran Keddle last Saturday.

kick boxing london fight night
Jamie Whelan: Double K

Main event result

WKN Kickboxing European Title / Oriental Rules / – 58.800kg / 5×3 mn
Jamie Whelan (England) wins on points vs German Tabuenca (Spain)

kickboxing essex
Jamie Whelan


The show featuring some of the UK and Europe’s best was action packed from the very first fight.


Marco Redi bt Ron Tse via ref stoppage.

Josh Ridgewell bt Riley Smith via points (Both kids, Fantastic talents)

GP Semi Final 1-

Femii Akindamze, Diablo Gym bt Paul Barbour, Benfleet Muay Thai via ref stoppage.

Round 1 saw Paul have Femii on the back foot at the start both fighters landing crisp shots to each other as they traded blow for blow.
Round 2 started with real intensity, Femii taking control and landing a clean shot right down the middle rocking Paul and the ref giving an 8 count, PB recovered well and almost immediately after the restart Femii caught Paul with an identical shot and again the ref jumping in to give the 8 count. Shortly after the restart again Femii threw a right head kick and it landed flush resulting on referee Shaun Boland no choice but to stop the fight.

GP Semi Final 2-

Harry Etheridge bt Kevin Grendal, Mikes Gym- Holland via points.

Round 1 was a real tentative round with both fighters feeling each other out.
Round 2 the pace was picking up with both guys throwing combos into each other still very much all to fight for.
Round 3 saw Harry pick the pace up and was on the front foot, Returning all shots and being the more aggressive fighter.


George Mougious bt Justin Crumps via ref stoppage.

Sidney Claudel bt Louis Harper via points.

Nick Carter bt Luke Sealy via ref stoppage.

Connor (Benfleet Muay Thai) bt Pedro (Team Underground) via points.

Hayden Clemits bt Gavin Levy via points.

Veteran Special bouts – All these bouts were exhibitions.

Nick Robinson KK Gym v Derek Moore Team Tieu.

Steve Stanton KK Gym v Mo Mikes Gym Holland.

Matty Westmoreland KK Gym v Anthony Fletcher Snipers Gym.

Danny Durrant KK Gym v Moussa Mikes Gym Holland.

Main Card

Huseyin Garabert bt Luke Patariou via points.

Hus started well throwing well timed low kicks and working the leg of Luke who was absorbing the early pressure but failed to counter.

Round 2 started how the 1st finished with Hus on the front foot, Luke started returning with some tidy boxing but there was no end product as Huseyin still continued to work the leg kicks.
Round 3 saw Luke step the pace up and both fighters showing a nice exchange of leg kicks with Luke finishing stronger landing some clean knees to the body.
Round 4 saw both fighters match each other with flurries of punches with Huseyin dumping Luke to the canvass with some ‘Enfusion’ rules takedowns.
Round 5 saw Huseyin finishing the stronger of the pair, Landing some clean knees into the back of his opponent. Both fighters showing their tiredness in their faces but the performances did not reflect that, What a fight.

Evan Jays bt Gerbil Chabili via ref stoppage. (World Title Defence).

Round 1 saw both fighters exchange some great shots with Evan edging the scoring with hi body kicks.
Round 2 again Evan being the stronger fighter landing clean body shots whilst Gerbil throwing low kicks but showing no effect. Evan ends the round with a teep straight to the body dumping Gerbil to the canvass.
Round 3 and Gerbil continues to work the leg of Evan and the reddening is now apparent, Again it shows no effect as Evan continues to land body kicks and rocking Gerbil with a big right hand.
Round 4 and it’s all Evan, He is landing shot after shot and it results in Gerbil receiving a referee’s 8 count at the end of the round.
Round 5 starts with a great show of respect to each other but Evan quickly finishes his opponent with his dominance as the ref sees fit to stop the fight.

Grace Spicer bts Mellony Geugjas via points.

Round 1 sees Grace get rushed at the beginning by Mellony but she calmly wraps her up into the clinch and makes easy work turning her and landing knees to the back. Grace finishes the first landing clean body kicks.
Round 2 is more of a tentative opening with Mellony throwing punch combos but to no effect, Grace again working the body kicks and being stronger in the clinch.
Strong start to round 3 by both fighters as they both land nice body kicks, Grace scoring well and cutting the angle and finishing the round with a straight knee to Mellony’s body.
Round 4 Saw Mel moving forward a lot more but having no end product, Again Grace just cutting the angle and cleverly picking her off with body kicks and knee’s.
The fifth and final round saw Grace working the low kicks now and wrapping Mel up in the clinch, The only way Mel would get something from this is by a KO but Grace again just ties her up and makes easy work kneeing into her back.

Grand Prix 63kg Final

Femii bts Harry Ethridge via points.

This fight starts with the intention shown from Femii at the beginning, Everything he throws is clean, powerful and crisp. Harry tries to stamp his authority but Femii is ruthless with fast hands and low kicks.
Round 2 saw Harry come out strong but Femii countered well and landed a straight knee resulting in the ref giving an 8 count. Harry recovered well and both fighters finished the round with great exchanges of shots.
Round 3 saw Femii and Harry match each other with a succession of punches and knees but it was Femii who threw the final knee that dropped Harry for another 8 count.
Femii the tournament winner with an incredible display and he has also booked himself on next years ‘Super Fight Series’ at Wembley.

WKN European Title Fight
Jamie Whelan bts German Tabuenca via points. (WKN European Title).

Round 1 was a fast paced opening, Both fighters trading shots with Whelan just edging it by landing knees and perfectly timed body shots.
Round 2 started how the last ended, Both fighters are just laying into each others with shots being thrown back and forth, The crowd is now on it’s feet and the atmosphere is electric again Whelan slightly edging the second with knees and lows kicks.
Round 3 is a carbon copy of the 2nd, Both fighters are tearing into each other and showing no signs of tiring. This is easily fight of the night. Incredible bout.
Round 4 and these guys show no signs of slowing down, They are matching everything each other throw. High intensity from the start, This was a fantastic display of K1 action.
As we enter round 5, The crowd are on their feet, Both fighters, Although tired showing no signs of slowing down. It is constant back and forth action with Whelan again edging the scoring with a combination of boxing and finishing with knees to the body of his Spanish counterpart

Jamie won points and collects WKN European title.