November 14, 2014 – Liepaja, Latvia

  • Venue: Liepaja Olympic center
  • Promoter: BB Inc
  • BB/WKN Head Referee: Mr Steve Smoger (USA) and Mr Klaus Hagemann (Germany)
  • BB/WKN Officials: Mr Klaus Hagemann (Germany), Mr Emil Irimia (Romania), Mr Bruno Wartelle (France)
  • Supervisor: Mr Stephane Cabrera, IBA Europe Continental Representative
  • MC: Mr Jean-Philippe Lustyk (France)

The Bigger’s Better Team put together a unique event for the first time in kickboxing history of Europe when 8 Women Kickboxers battled live on Pay-Per-View across the world.

Anna Tatjana Lie Norum vs Pernille Schjønning by BiggersBetterBoxing

Girl Power Results

1/4 Final

  • Seda Duygu Aygun (Turkey) wins by SPD vs Elna Nilsson (Sweden)
  • Ivana Miklasova (Slovakia) wins UPD vs Daorung Samrong (Thailand)
  • Anna Tatjana Lie (Norway) wins by UPD vs Pernille Schjønning (Denmark)
  • Karina Jarjomenko (Latvia) wins by UPD vs Ratnadiptee Shimpi (India)

1/2 Final

  • Ivana Miklasova (Slovakia) wins by KO vs Seda Duygu Aygun (Turkey)
  • Anna Tatjana Lie (Norway) wins by TKO vs Karina Jarjomenko (Latvia)


  • Anna Tatjana Lie (Norway) wins on points vs Ivana Miklasova (Slovakia)
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Anna Tatjana Lie Norum vs Pernille Schjønning