December 19, 2014 – Caseros, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • WKN International Promoter : Dojo Serpientes
  • WKN International supervisor : Mr Osman YIGIN
  • WKN International Coordinator : Mr Fernando Munoz

Special guests: Mr Stephane Cabrera, WKN World President and Jorge Acero Cali, South American kickboxing mega star.

Live on FOX Sports, broadcast on Kombat Sport

Jorge Acero Cali who has put his candidature towards the Mayor of Escobar 2015 elections, has still shared his precious time and came along to personally assist the Simply The Best 2 Argentina Fight Night in Caseros, organized by Valiente promotions on December 19, 2014.

Jorge Acero Cali presenting at Simply The Best 2 Fight Night Argentina on 19 December 2014.

The World Kickboxing Network wishes Jorge Cali all the best in his new political venture, to success on the highest level with the best of luck and good spirit.

jorge cali escobar
Jorge Cali Acero2015 for the city of Escobar


‘Simply The Best 2 Argentina’ fight night aired Live by FOX Sports throughout South American and it will be the second edition of Kickboxing TV Series broadcast on KOMBAT SPORT all around Europe.

Cristian ‘La Serpiente’ Bosch took the 4th round knockout win over Alessandro Benacci via left body kick and claimed the WKN Kickboxing World Title Live on FOX Sports at ‘Simply The Best 2 Argentina’ Fight Night promoted in Caseros, Buenos Aires.