April 4, 2015 – Caqueta, Colombia

‘Muay Thai Top Combat’ TV Series will open a new chapter of the W.K.N. promotions on the territory of the northwest of South America – the Republic of Colombia. The events will be organized in collaboration with Mr Oscar Arizmendi, the president of Muay Thai League of Caqueta.

kickboxing colombia
WKN World Office has made an agreement with Mr Oscar Arizmendi (left) to start a new series of promotions in Colombia.

The agreement between WKN World Office and Mr Oscar Arizmendi has been finalized this week.

The series of 4 WKN International Kickboxing Promotions will be organized in Colombia with the debut event held on 4th April 2015 in the city of Caqueta.

The W.K.N. Intercontinental and South America championships will match Colombian athletes and representatives of Venezuela, Panama and Ecuador.

The bouts will be organized in the Pro/Am division under Kickboxing and Muay Thai rules.

More information will be announced shortly.