February 11, 2015 – WKN World Office

Amel Dehby is a current WKN kickboxing lightweight world champion from France. Undefeated for years, Amel Dehby is known an outstanding technician, being recognized as a true WKN ambassador for female kickboxing in France and across the World.

girls kickboxing amel dehby
Amel Dehby, WKN kickboxing world champion

Amel Dehby is a member of Saint Raphael ASJR team since it was established where she is coached by Mr Badreddine Rouabhia. Amel Dehby is probably the best female fighter of the current era of female kickboxing.

Her next fight is set on 21 March 2015 in Cap D’Agde at Trophee de l’Ephebe WKN Fight Night by Christophe Dragole.