February 14, 2015 – Borlange, Sweden

  • WKN International promoter : Ring Fight Promotion
  • WKN International supervisor : Mr Hakan OZAN

Abdou Karim Chorr took all WKN International Kickboxing Tournament and became a new WKN Scandinavia Champion.

Abdou Karim Chorr
Abdou Karim Chorr

4 Man International Kickboxing Tournament / Oriental Rules / – 69,900kg  / 3x3mn/


  • Abdou Karim Chorr (SWE) vs Alexander Jacobsen (NOR), unanimous decision 3-0
  • Adel Ekvall Halila (SWE) vs Fahzan Khalid (DEN), unanimous decision 3-0


  • Abdou Karim Chorr (SWE) vs Adel Ekvall Halila (SWE), split decision 2-1

Ring Fight 1 Kickboxing Tournament in Sweden was debut promotion of the long list of the WKN events that have been agreed to be promoted throughout Scandinavian region in collaboration of Mr Hakan Ozan and WKN World Office, the president of Swedish federation and CEO of Supremacy League.