May 23, 2015 – Perth, Western Australia

Venue – Kingsway Indoor Stadium – 130 Kingsway Rd Madeley

  • WKN International Promoter: Mr Patrick Talbot and Mr Bill Seth
  • WKN International Supervisor: Mr Mark Simpson

The MUAY THAI main card of the ‘Nemesis 10′ Fight Show will feature five W.K.N. title bouts of the State, National and Inter-continental calibers, with men, women and junior contests. The challenges are set under the full-Thai-rules, when the knees to the head and the elbow strikes are in use.

robert powdrill muaythai

*The championship fight card will feature notable athletes like Mitchell Seth, Walter Lara, Carleigh Crawford-O’Meagher, Parviz Iskenderov and others.

kickboxing charleroi

‘Nemesis 10′ Fight Night is set to be a mix of professional muaythai and boxing, with Australia’s famed Robert Powdrill to headline the event, when he takes on the first-string boxer from New Zealand Robert Berridge, in the IBO intercontinental title clash.

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