March 29, 2015 – Belfast, Northern Ireland

  • WKN International promoter : Mr Billy MURRAY
  • WKN International supervisor : Mrs Adele ROBINSON

‘Total Divas’ International Kickboxing Fight Night was promoted last Sunday at Holidays Inn Belfast by Billy Murray. In the main event of the evening Cathy McAleer took points decision over Stephanie Aubertin from France.

cathy mcaleer kickboxing



WKN Amateur lightweight European title 54.9 kg / woman
Full-Contact rules. 5×2 min rounds
(Winner Points) Cathy McAleer (Belfast, NI) 15F Vs Stéphanie Aubertin (France)

WKN Amateur Welterweight prestige match 66-68kg / woman
K1 style 4×2 min rounds
Samantha Robb (Tyrella, NI) 15F Vs Mallaury Kalachnikoff-Lakli (France) (Winner Points)

K1 Style Kickboxing Rules – 69kg – 4×2 Minute Rounds
(Winner Points) Johnny Smith (Bangor, NI) 22F Vs Martin Conroy (Galway IRE)


Full-Contact rules 3×2 rounds 73kg
Tim Ramsey (Belfast,NI) VS Andrew Connolly (Galway, IRE) (Winner on points)

Full-Contact rules 2×2 rounds
(Winner Points) Killian Emery (Swiss) (15) 65kg 3F Vs James Robertson (16) 67Kg 0F (Galway, IRE)

Full-Contact rules 3×2 rounds 58-60kg
Stephen Houston 2F 58kg ( Belfast, NI) Vs Bradley Morgan 60kg(Marty Cox, ENG) (Winner by KO)

Low kick rules 3×2 rounds 74kg
(Winner Points) David Malcom or Low-Kick (Belfast, NI) 3F VS Dawid Milewski (Galway, IRE)

Full-Contact Rules 3×2 rounds 66kg
(Winner KO) Michael Swann (Belfast, NI) VS Ian Callinan (TopPro Carlow,IRE)

K1 Style Kickboxing Rules – 75kg – 4×2 Minute Rounds
(Winner Points) Darren McMullan (BallyGowan, NI) 22F Vs Lukasz Paprocki (Galway IRE)

Full-Contact rules 3×2 rounds 58kg
(Winner) Ruth McCormack (Belfast, NI) No Fights Vs Amy O’Neill (Galway, IRE)

Full-Contact rules 3×2 rounds 54kg
(Winner) Rowena Bolt (Belfast, NI) 1F Vs Ceara O’Toole (Galway, IRE)