April 15, 2015 – WKN World Office

Jerome Turcan is the first W.K.N. heavyweight champion in history, 1997, when he won by KO vs Ferrandez in Cap dÁgde. Jerome Turcan is also a former trainer of team Turcan in Avignon, France. He now lives in the USA and spends a big part of his time writting excellent books for children.

jerome turcan kickboxing

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Jerome Turcan highlights

Jerome Turcan in kickboxing, K1 and savate fights with his unussual leg technique. One of the most famous fights was K2 100.000$ tournament in Paris, France bout with Rob Kaman.

Jerome Turcan, France (w) vs. Pottai, Thailand (l)

Turcan starts the hostilities with front kicks and straight punches. He puts a lot of pressure on Pottai, who tries to fight back but is not very effective. Jerome connects well with a jab and the Thai gets an 8-count. He gets up, but is put away with another combination. The fight is over with 15 seconds on the clock in the first round.

Atokawa, Japan (loss) vs. Johnson, England (win)
Tosca Pedritis, Australia (w) vs. Tonoyan, Russia (l)
Lavelle Robinson, USA (l) vs. Rob Kaman, Holland (w)
Turcan (w) vs. Johnson (l)
Pedritis (l) vs. Kaman (w)
Kaman (w) vs. Turcan (l)

Turcan is still fresh from having fought less than 2 rounds in his previous fights. Kaman, on the other hand, has just finished an all out battle against Pedritis. Jerome knows this and starts the round by putting the Dutchman under pressure. He keeps going forward but is countered several times by Rob, who is again using his footwork and body evasion. The round ends with Jerome unloading on his opponent, who is backed up against the ropes. Rob closes his guard and counters when the flurry of punches is over.

In the second round, Rob pays the price for moving so much and fatigue forces him to stand his ground. He tries to keep Turcan away from him and uses single techniques to force a KO. The Frenchmen show some signs of fatigue as well, but he keeps going forward. The round is pretty even.

The third round is pretty much a replay of the previous one. Kaman starts out with more footwork and he uses the front kick very effectively. Turcan is less focused and misses a lot. However, in the last 30 seconds of the round, he corners Rob and deals out blow after blow. Some of these strikes land clearly and snap Kaman’s head back. The Dutchman goes to his corner a tired man and is cut at both eyes.

In the fourth round, Jerome starts out rather well with a couple of punches. Unfortunately, he makes the mistake of showing pain after receiving a low kick. Kaman sees his cue and fires of a couple more, which send Turcan to the floor. A swift high kick later, the Frenchman is in need of an 8-count, but he recovers well. Kaman continues punishing his opponent’s legs, before connecting with another high kick, which leaves Turcan KO on his feet. The referee steps in and stops the fight.

This is a very exciting fight and Kaman shows a lot of heart and courage.

These days Jerome is active in introducing savate in USA (Disneyland), and in North American Sport Savate Association (N.A.S.S.A.)