June 14, 2015 – Belfast, Northern Ireland

  • WKN International promoter : Mr Billy MURRAY
  • WKN international supervisor : Mrs Adele ROBINSON

“Made in ProKick” Fight Night in Belfast by Billy Murray, the leading promoter in the United Kingdom, is the next production of collaboration between WKN World Office and Japan’s kickboxing company “RISE”.

kickboxing belfast

Main event :

WKN World title PRO/AM Amateur championship Kickboxing orientales rules / 69,900 kg / 5×2 mn
Johnny SMITH ( Northern Ireland . Belfast / Champion ) vs Yuhei TUSDA ( Tokyo . Japan . Challenger )

Undercard will be announced soon

Report by Billy MURRAY

Japanese fighter Just confirmed for Belfast. Johnny ‘Swift’ Smith’s next opponent will be making the long journey from the home of K1 fighting sport – Japan. From the far-east to Belfast that’s where Johnny ‘Swift’ Smith’s challenger will travel from. The 21 year-old Yuhei Tsuda, from Tokyo will arrive in Belfast hoping to dethrone

Bangor’s ProKick homegrown world champion and take the WKN world amateur title home to Japan.
It can be expected that Yuhei Tsuda will step into the ring on June 14th with speed, endurance and flair. At 5 ft. 10 inches and well conditioned, Tsuda is a great match for the determined, dedicated and dynamic Smith who is at the cusp of breaking through to professional kickboxing.

This will be Johnny’s first defense of his World Title that he won by KO at the Ulster Hall in September 2014 when he faced Hakim Ketaieb of France.

Smith now 28 years-old has also an impressive fight record, he’s went through the ropes on 22 occasions, fighting all over the world as far as Japan.

This is sure to be an all-action affair as soon as the first bell rings. Tsuda will bring his Rise/Japanese style of kickboxing to the ring attempting to take Johnny’s World Title, while you can be sure that ‘Swift’ Smith will be just that – swift, sharp and focused.