June 14, 2015 – Belfast, Northern Ireland

  • WKN International promoter : Mr Billy MURRAY
  • WKN international supervisor : Mrs Adele ROBINSON

Bangor man – Johnny ’Swift’ Smith defended his WKN Pro-Am world K1 style belt in knock-out fashion on Sunday 14th June 2015 at the Holiday Inn in Belfast.

jihnny smith tsuda

Smith defeated Japan’s Yuhei Tsuda in the 2nd round by with a bone-crushing right hand sending the Japanese challenger to the canvas for over two minutes, retaining his WKN super-welterweight world crown.

After medical attention by the ring-side doctors, Yuhei Tsuda was back on his feet and called to the centre of the ring – were ProKick and fight-fans were waiting to hear the magic words “…and still World Champion” Johnny ‘Swift’ Smith’s arm was raised in victory. The Holiday Inn erupted in celebration for ProKick’s own homegrown son’s latest triumph. The future is bright for this World Champion who symbolises what can and is Made in ProKick.
Smith was the main event on Billy Murray’s ‘Made in ProKick fight-show when he put his WKN World title on the line against the 21 year-old Yuhei Tsuda from the RISE Gym in Tokyo, Japan. Johnny won the world title back in September 13th 2014 when he also knock-out Hakim Ketaieb of France in the 2nd round at the Ulster Hall.

The Bangor man Smith still on a high from Sunday’s win will move into the professional ranks of kickboxing, especially after this devastating win against the rated 21 year-old Yuhei Tsuda from the RISE Gym in Tokyo, Japan. When asked why he had chosen this as his next step; “It’s a natural progression, I feel as if I’m come to the tipping point, I want to be pushed and tested. I want to see how far I can go. I want to see what my limit is and then push past it and set new ones.” Said Smith.

Cathy McAleer the current WKN European Full-Contact Champion raised her stock by winning a final eliminator for a world crown when she was in a 4 round thriller with Dani Hodges (Burntwood, England). Deemed as a warm up for the main event, this prestige match was a show-stopper, four rounds of intensity from two resilient fighters. Karate Kid McAleer was relentless in her pursuit of opponent Hodges and landed some excellent shots that would have stopped many others, but not Hodges. The 29 year old from England, fought with great heart but ProKick’s McAleer’s speed, fitness and precision shone through and as the crowd chanted her name, Cathy McAleer took the unanimous victory as she marches on her way to a well deserved World Title shot.

The whole afternoon was a magnificent showcase of just what is Made in ProKick; debutants, teenagers, guys and girls, European and World Champions all doing themselves and Team and country proud. The packed house witnessed an exhilarating display of the excellence that is produced from an old tin hut on Wilgar Street. With 9 well contested fights, ProKick came home with a super 7 wins – another successful show for fight fans in Norther Ireland to enjoy!

WKN world amateur super-welterweight K1-style Championship 5×2 rounds
Johnny Smith WKN world champion (Bangor, NI) Vs Yuhei Tsuda (RISE Japan)
Johnny Smith Winner 2nd Round KO

WKN European Full-Contact rules world title eliminator 54kg 4×2 rounds
Cathy McAleer (ProKick, NI) Vs Dani Hodges (Burntwood, England)
Cathy McAleer Winner Points

Low Kick rules 3×2 rounds match made at 74kg
David Malcolm (Belfast,NI) Vs Gerry King (BlackDragon, Galway IRE)
David Malcolm Winner Points

Female Bout – Full-Contact rules 3×2 rounds match made at 54kg
Rowena Bolt (ProKick, NI) Vs Sharron Lynch (Deise KB Dungarvan, IRE)
Rowena Bolt Winner

Female Bout – Full-Contact rules 3×2 rounds match made at 58kg
Ruth McCormick (ProKick, NI) Vs Anna Damazyn (Deise KB Dungarvan,IRE)
Ruth McCormick Winner

Teenager Bout – Full contact rules 3×2 rounds match made at 64kg

Jake McCready (ProKick,NI) Vs Rytis Daniules (Waterfront Kickboxing Club, IRE)
Jake McCready Winner Points

Teenager Bout – K1 Rules 3×2 rounds match made at 64kg
Killian Emery (ProKick / Yamibushi, Swiss) Vs Cian Mc Cormack (BlackDragon, Galway IRE)
Killian Emery Winner Points

Teenager Bout – Full contact rules 60kg
Cameron Dickson (ProKick, NI) Vs James Kelly (BlackDragon, Galway IRE)
James Kelly Winner Points

Full contact rules 3×2 rounds 85kg
Chris Phillips (ProKick, NI) Vs Laurent Navarro (Swiszerland)
Laurent Navarro Winner 1st Round KO

Pictures and captions
1. and still World Champion” Johnny ‘Swift’ Smith’s arm was raised in victory.
2. Yuhei Tsuda (RISE Japan) kicks high to Smith
3. Smith answers with low kiick
4. Yuhei Tsuda hit with the knee strike
5. the punch that KO.d Yuhei Tsuda (RISE Japan)
6. Yuhei Tsuda (RISE Japan) on the canvas receiving treatment
BBC preview
Johnny’s weigh-in