June 20, 2015 – Guadeloupe Island, Caribbean

  • WKN International promoter : Mr Fred AUDOUI
  • WKN International supervisor : Mr Emil IRIMIA

Special Guest : Mr Stephane Cabrera, WKN World President

Mr Frederic Audoui is the best promoter in all Caribbeans Islands who to date, in collaboration with the WKN World Office, has organized FOUR installments of ‘Caribbean War’ fight nights in Guadeloupe that have seen athletes from all around the World including Japan, Australia, Belarus, France, Belgium, Italy, Cyprus, Corsica, Greece and many more, providing Caribbean Islands with the best possible fame and exposure.


Fred Audoui has been also coaching and has prepared a number of the top kickboxers from Caribbean Islans such as 10x wkn world champion Loris Audoui, Bruno Brendan (WKN Caribbean, European and Intercontinental champion ), Maureen Middleton and Eddy Leno (WKN world amateur champions ), Sony Siba (WKN European and World amateur champion ), Baptiste Francesca (WKN Intercontinental amateur champion ), Emeric BRISSAC (WKN Caribbean and World amateur champion), Fabrice Bomba,Joel Guillaume, Annaelle Jeanville (WKN Caribbean amateur champions) and many more.

CARIBBEAN WAR 4 Fight Night was held last Saturday night in Guadeloupe outlining the new WKN champions of different ranks – Brissac, Siba, Tzotzos, Jeanville, Marcham, Guillaume, Daniel. A special mention for the excellent fight performance went to Siva vs Nsinga challenge.

Caribbean War 4 Results

World championship amateur / 5×2 mn / – 88,500 kg
EMERIC BRISSAC ( Guadeloupe ) wins by Ko 3 vs JERREN ST CLAIR ( Sainte Lucia )

World championship amateur / 5×2 mn / – 69,900 kg
SONY SIBA ( Guadeloupe ) wins on points VS ERIC N SINGA ( congo / belgium )

World championship amateur / 5×2 mn / – 85,500 kg
NIKOS TZOTZOS “ jr “ ( Greece ) wins by Ko 2 vs DAVID ROCHEMONT ( Guadeloupe ) vs

Caribbean championship amateur / 4×2 mn / 54,900 kg
ANAELLE JEANVILLE ( Guadeloupe ) wins on points vs LACINE BARBARA ( Saint martin )

Caribbean championship amateur / 82,100 kg / 4×2 mn
OMAR MARCHAM (Saint martin) wins by Ko3 vs YANN MAIREY ( Guadeloupe ) VS

Caribbean championship amateur / 76,400 kg / 4×2 mn
JOEL GUILLAUME ( Guadeloupe ) wins on points vs VS Tajh BROWNE ( Sainte Lucie )

Caribbean championship amateur / 76,400 kg / 4×2 mn
VILLERET ( Martinique ) wins on points vs FRANTZ JOYCE BELENUS ( Guadeloupe )

LIGHT CONTACT Caribbean Young championship / 3×1,30 mn / 50 kg
SEBASTIAN DANIEL (Saint martin ) wins on points vs ENZO AUDOUI ( Guadeloupe )