July 11, 2015 – Gotland Island, Sweden

  • WKN International promoter : Supremacy League
  • WKN International supervisor : Mr Hakan Ozan

Sweden’s fight sport celebrity Hamza Bougamza defeated Hungarian K-1 Tomas Birics and claimed the WKN super-featherweight world title in the main event of ‘Supremacy League V’ promoted last Saturday night by Hakan Ozan on Gotland Island LIVE on PPV.

hamza bougamza

Supremacy League V Fight Results

WKN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP KICKBOXING Oriental rules / Super featherweight / 5×3 mn
Hamza BOUGAMZA ( SWEDEN ) wins on points vs Tomas BIRICS ( HUNGARY )

Meran “Mr KO” ZANGANA wins on points vs Burim RAMA

Swedish K1 Pro Prestige Fight – Super Bantamweight -54,000 kg
Latifah Soliman (Sweden) vs Therese Snell (Sweden) unanimous decision 0-3

Swedish K1 Pro Super Fight – Welterweight -69,900 kg
Abdou Karim Chorr (Sweden) vs Sameer Siraj (Sweden) unanimous decision 3-0

International K1 Pro Super Fight – Super Bantamweight -58,500 kg
Viet Hoang (Sweden) vs Petchompoo (Thailand) unanimous decision 3-0

Supremacy League title fight – Supremacy Muses -54,000 kg
Sofia Olofsson (Sweden) vs Fatima Pinto (Norway) unanimous decision 0-3 (Fatima Pinto new Supremacy Muses Champion)

WKN K1 Swedish title fight – Middleweight -76,200 kg
Meran Zangana (Sweden) vs Burim Rama (Sweden) unanimous decision 3-0 (Meran Zangana new WKN Swedish K1 Pro Champion)