November 14, 2015 – Lund, Sweden

  • WKN International promoter : Mr Tony Guinovic
  • WKN International supervisor : Mr Hakan Ozan
  • WKN International coordinator : Mr Emil Irimia

Special Guest :  Mr Stephane Cabrera, WKN World President

Battle of Lund 7 Results – Kittisak Noiwibon became a new super-lightweight champion of Europe, Liljedorf won Scandinavian championship and Sellam claimed the National title belt.

kittisak noiwibon, kickboxing european champion

The Battle of Lund was an international WKN Kickboxing Fight Night in Sweden with challengers who came Denmark, Norway, Slovakia, England and Germany.

Main event :

WKN EUROPEAN Championship kickboxing Orientales rules / 5×3 mn / 66,700 kg
Kittisak NOIWIBON ( SWEDEN ) wins by KO R1 vs Jakub DOBIAS ( SLOVAKIA )

Included :

WKN SCANDINAVIAN CHAMPIONSHIP Muay Thai / 3×3 mn / 76,400 kg
Marcus Dundin LILJEDORF ( SWEDEN ) wins by KO R1 vs Anders FOSSUM ( NORWAY )

WKN SWEDISH CHAMPIONSHIP Kickboxing Oriental rules / 3×3 mn / 72,600 kg
Malik SELLAM wins on points vs Arian BEHRAMI