December 6, 2015 – Belfast, Northern Ireland

  • WKN International promoter : Mr Billy MURRAY
  • WKN International supervisor : Mrs Adele ROBINSON

Special guest : WKN World president, Mr Stephane Cabrera

Weigh-ins over but what a pity as the venue was amazing. The traditional pre-fight gathering of coming face-face checking agreed fight weights was a great sceptical at the Mercedes Benz of Belfast.

kickmas belfast fight night

The state of the art workshop was transformed for an afternoon to an artsy fight-venue to host Billy Murray annual KICKmas party.

The all important weigh-ins for KICKmas 2015 was staged at the Mercedes Benz & Smart state of-the-art new workshop on Boucher crescent in Belfast. KICKmas 2015 received a another SMART well timed boost for ProKick’s annual Christmas show.

A massive thanks to Mr Paul Dobson of Mercedes Benz of Belfast and all the staff form the sales, workshop and restaurant staff.

WKN Full-Contact Amateur Lightweight world title 56,500 kg
Full-Contact rules 5×2 min rounds
Cathy McAleer (Belfast, NI) Vs Ariana Siegel (USA)

WKN Pro-International K1 style match Welterweight
K1 Sytle Oriental rules. 3×3 min rounds
Johnny Smith (Bangor, NI) Vs Samuel De Blake (Canada)

WKN Amateur Welterweight world title 66.7kg
Low-Kick rules. 5×2 min rounds
Samantha Robb (Tyrella, NI) Mallaury Kalachnikoff-Lakli (France)

WKN Professional -International K1 style match Super-Welterweight
K1 Style Oriental rules. 4×2 min rounds
Rafa Del Toro (Canaria Islands, Spain) Vs Martin Conroy (Galway, IRE)

WKN Amateur Middleweight world title 76,200 kg
K1 Sytle Oriental rules. 5×2 min rounds
Darren McMullan (Ballygowan, NI) Vs Lukasz Paprocki (Poland)


Irish School Boys Title – Full contact rules 4×2 rounds 65kg
Jake McCready (Belfast,NI) Vs Rytis Daniules (Waterford ROI)