January 8, 2016 Tehran, Iran

  • WKN NATIONAL Promoter : Mr Seyed Hamid Reza HEJAZI
  • WKN NATIONAL supervisor : Mr Tofan PIRANI


New WKN promoter in Iran Mr Seyed Hejazi is holding the 28th National championship on 8th January 2016 in Tehran.

iran kickboxing

The event has been vastly advertised throughout the city displayed on over than 100 sites and billboards in metro, bus stations, shopping mall and more.

The championship is held under K-1 rules at 3x3mn rounds at the following weight classes.

  • -60
  • -70
  • -80
  • -90
  • +90

Seyed Hamid Reza HEJAZI

Official coach
Muay Thai is a member of the national team
He also holds international titles are as follows:
Professional kickboxing world champion in 2004 in Armenia
Professional Kickboxing Champion 2005 Emirates Middle East
Asian amateur kickboxing champion in 2006 in India
Professional Muay Thai Champion International 2009
2009 China International Professional Kickboxing Champion
World Kickboxing Champion Martial Arts Festival 2010 cult
8-member international kickboxing tournament champion Japan Professional 2010

Sport responsibility
Officer and founder of NGO Kentucky Association of Kickboxing full Office
President of the Islamic Republic of Iran styles of kickboxing karate Karate Federation
President of the Islamic Republic of Iran IKN Style Kickboxing Martial Arts Federation
WUFC representative and Global Head of Iran and Asia
Representative and Head of the International Federation of Iranian Kmpv
Iran’s youth boxing coach
Iran’s national boxing coach

Educational background
Director of Physical Education, University of Applied Sciences
Master of Applied Science University
Resource Management Physical Education, Islamic Azad University
BS in Criminal Justice University of Applied Sciences
Master of Physical Education Researchers Innovative companies Tehran University
Master ICS
Master ACS