Steve Smoger: If the WKN calls - I;ll be ready!

March 6, 2016 – WKN World Office

World’s best boxing referee Steve ‘Double S’ Smoger recently spoke to Parviz Iskenderov of FIGHTMAG, sharing facts of his outstanding career, and his professional opinion from New Jersey, USA.

“If the WKN calls – I’ll be ready,” Steve Smoger

Since 2014 world’s best boxing referee Steve Smoger is qualified to be in charge of kickboxing bout. He is officially appointed by the W.K.N.

“BB has been a great benefit to my officiating career,”

“In addition to officiating professional boxing matches throughout Europe, it gave me the opportunity to cross-train into the combat sport of Kickboxing.”

“Under the guidance of World Kickboxing Network [WKN] President Stephane Cabrera, I trained and prepared for the position of Professional Kickboxing Referee.

“I officiated several WKN Kickboxing bouts during BB events.”

“The training and guidance that I received through the WKN program prepared me for my participation in the WKN-BB ‘Girl Power’ event in Riga Latvia.”

“I continue to train in the procedures of a Kickboxing Referee and would hope that qualify for an event as prestige as ‘Fight Night Saint Tropez’.”

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