March 13, 2016 – WKN World Office

French famous kickboxer Karim ‘The Felin’ Benmansour from BFS Team is cosidered as one of the best middleweights in the World. He is trained by a former WKN World champion Mr Habib Bakir of top team ‘Cabrera’, KBCM.

Karim Benmansour Ready for Big Time Kick Boxing

Benmansour is fighting Belgium’s Madani Rahmani end of March at World GBC Tour in France, ahead of ‘the big shots’ at the international promotions that are under final negotiation with the WKN World Office. More information will be revealed shortly.


  • Name : Karim
  • Surname : BENMANSOUR
  • Fight name : “ The Felin “
  • Trainer : Mr Habib BAKIR
  • Manager : BFS
  • Record : 54 fight . 7 loose
  • Title : 4 times WKN European champion Kickboxing/K1 and Full Contact -76,400 kg / Undefeated since 6 years
  • Last fight: Marseille, France at ‘NUIT DES CHAMPIONS’ vs Darrel SHITMAN (Remy Bonjaski team)
  • Notable victories over: Tadas JONKUS, Yohan KONGOLO, Aydin TUNCAY, Fernando CALZETA, Karim GADJI, Medi AMAR, Wilfried MARTIN, Patrick TOTH, Michal ZAMJDA and many more.·
  • Video : YouTube Link