May 21, 2016 – Perth, Australia

Venue: Kingsway Indoor Stadium – Madeley, WA

  • WKN International Promoter: Mr Patrick Talbot
  • WKN International Supervisor : Mr Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett
  • WKN Western Australia Head Referee: Mr Bill Seth

Special Guests: Muay Thai legend John Wayne Parr, Muay Thai Western Australia Developer Darren Curovic, Australian UFC fighter Jake Matthews

On Saturday 21st May Patrick Talbot and Bill Set put together an outstanding eleventh promotion of Nemesis Fight Shows in Perth, Australia.

Nemesis 11 Perth WKN Muay Thai

Australia’s first string Toby ‘The Weapon’ Smith is facing French elite Johane Beausejour.

Alongside with an international bout Smith v Beausejour, Nemesis 11 aims to square the differences between two leading Muay Thai states in the country – Queensland and Western Australia.

Ricardo Pisaneschi, Damon Nelson and Parviz Iskenderov are fighting Bevan Mahoney, Brandon Spain and Chadd Collins in Australian national title fights. Gareth Smith and Jeremy Firth will challenge Western Australian state title.

Main Event

WKN Intercontinental Super Fight / Muay Thai / Middleweight / 5x3mn
Toby ‘The Weapon’ Smith v Johane Beausejour (France)

Western Australia v Queensland

WKN Australian Championship / Muay Thai / Super-lightweight / 5x3mn
Parviz Iskenderov (Western Australia) v Chadd Collins (Queensland)

WKN Australian Championship / Muay Thai / Welterweight / 5x3mn
Ricardo Pisaneschi (Western Australia) v Benny Mahoney (Queensland)

WKN Australian Championship / Junior / Muay Thai / Lightweight / 5x2mn
Damon Nelson (Western Australia) v Brandon ‘Dynamite’ Spain (Queensland)

Main card

WKN Western Australian Championship / Muay Thai / Super-featherweight / 5x2mn
Gareth ‘G Train’ Smith (Western Australia) v Jeremy ‘Fireball’ Firth (Western Australia)

Female Muay Thai Western Australian Bout / Flyweight / 5x2mn
Emma Graham (Western Australia) v Kim Townsend (Western Australia)