WKN Japan: Verginelli, Bakhtiari and Katkade in Top Team for Ganryujima 10.21

The fifth edition of Ganryujima (10.21) Martial Arts fight show is held on Friday, 21st October 2016 in Tokyo, Japan live on Fuji Network.

WKN Continues Collaboration With Ganryujima Fight Shows – Fightmag

The event will see a series of mixed fights with competitors coming out of different schools of the fight game.

For Ganryujima 10.21 the WKN world office takes patronage over three international competitors from Italy, Iran and India.

Michele Verginelli (Calcio Storico) of Italy of Team Verginelli Rome / Calcio Storico Fiorentino is representing WKN in the international bout under Ganryujima rules against representative of Brazilian Capoera Aldo. Verginelli is trained at Kombat Team under guidelines of Daniele Brunozzi.

Ali Mahro Bakhtiari (Kung Fu Tao) of Iran is representing the WKN at the 8 Man ASIA Tournament – 70 kg. He is coming out of Lion Gym with the persons in charge Reza Hejazi and Tofan Pirani.

Aditya Katkade (Kushti – Pehlwani) takes part in Garyujima 10.21 under the WKN management. His opponent to be announced. He is fighting out Superhuman Gym powered by Somesh Kamra.

More information will be revealed shortly. Stay tuned on event page.