World Kickboxing Network

WKN – Simply the Best

Prestigious governing body, World Kickboxing Network finalizes a successful year of popularizing kickboxing across the Globe. During the last twelve months the organization has held over 100 international events throughout Western and Eastern Europe, as well as traveled as far as to Thailand, Korea and Japan, moreover Australia, and a number of South American countries including Argentina and Brazil.

Four episodes of kickboxing world series Simply the Best have been produced during the third season in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Argentina and Belgium. As well, three chapters of Girl Power were featured on the program live from Bulgaria. In addition, a number of seminars have been held, and the Mixed Martial Arts branch has been developed.

The athletes representing WKN Top Team have competed at the various events held in the US, Japan, China and other countries. Numerous WKN Inter-continental, International and National champions have been awarded. Furthermore 12 World and 8 European champions were crowned this year.

On behalf of WKN World Office, I would like to say thank you to athletes, promoters, trainers, officials, fans, and all the devotees and supporters of Kickboxing.

We wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018.

WKN World President
Stephane Cabrera