Darren Curovic

Welcome Australia to WKN Family

November 10, 2009 – Perth, Australia

WKN World Office is proud to introduce the official WKN representative in AUSTRALIA: Mr Darren CUROVIC, who is fully in charge to develop the network and organize WKN promotions on its territory.

Mr. Darren CUROVIC


Started promoting Muay Thai, MMA & Boxing shows in 2002.

Darren is one half of the team of two promoters who make up Pure Adrenaline Muay Thai Promotions, who promote the DOMINATION fight series, which features great World Champion Australian fighters John Wayne Parr & Nathan ” Carnage” Corbett.

DOMINATION events aim to showcase the best fighters from Western Australia pitting their talents against the best from all over the Globe, as well as building the foundations from the grass roots with the talented young up and coming Western Australian fighters.  Good, hard, even match ups is what DOMINATION about!


Owner of the strong authentic Muay Thai gym Kao Sok, opened in 1996. Kao Sok meaning “Kao” – knee & “Sok” – elbow in the Thai language, these techniques are favorite in our training procedures, whilst certainly not neglecting the other important weapons & techniques of Muay Thai, the toughest sport on earth.

Kao Sok Muay Thai Gym is also the home of champion fighters of the ilk of Stephynee Bouquet, Adam Bailey, Clint “Quikdraw” Howson, Jamie Guilfoyle, Ben Guard & Daniel “Hotpants” Shearing alongside promising up & comers Alex James, Nathan Sundo, Jordan Godfredson, Daniel Williams, Jarad Mchale, Sean Kennedy, Scotty Thompson.

Darren managed multiple World Champions and some of the best Australians fighters


Darren himself, when competing professionally, won WA, Australian & Commonwealth Titles as well as representing Australia on numerous occasions at World Muay Thai Championships including winning two bronze medals. Darren fought Dmitry Shakuta, Eugene Ekkelboom, Evan Themalakis, Sam Solomon, Dom Devanna, Mirzgardzi…and several Thai fighters.


It is very important to us, Australians, to have our athletes fighting and challenging for THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS BELTS. It includes the quality of the bouts, the level and the fame of the federation we fight for.

With no doubt, we as Australians have proved ourselves as high-class muay thai boxers. We would like to bring the WKN back to OZ, becoming a part of the biggest Muay Thai & Kickboxing Family of the Planet.

Nameing several of the biggest WKN promotions concept around the World e.g. , Carribean War in Guadeloupe , Corsica Cup, Ergen Ring Atesi in Turkey , Kickmass in Northern Ireland and a huge success of WKN World Cup in Malta… We are aiming to develop Pure Adrenaline, cooperated with the WKN, as a biggest promotion group around Australia!