17 September . Perth . Australia

DOMINATION 5 – Friday, 17th September, Herb Graham Recreation Centre, Mirrabooka, WA

WKN International Promoter : Mr. Darren CUROVIC and Mr. Blair SMITH
WKN International Coordinator : Mr. Parviz ISKENDEROV

PAVEL ZHURAVLYOV: ” He is famous for his elbow punches. This fact makes the fight even more interesting for me ”


Ukrainian “CAIMAN” Pavel Zhuravlev will face Australia’s strongest Nathan Corbett in Perth September 17 in a full muay thai rules bout for the WKN heavy-weight World crown.

Please name your titles and achievements.
Pavel Zhuravlev : I became World champion 2003 and 2005, winner of King’s Cup in Thailand 2004, World Champion in kickboxing (WBKF) PRO 2008, 2009, World Champion (W5) PRO.

You fight in all styles , boxing, kickboxing and muaythai, can you please comment this ?
Pavel Zhuravlev : I box in all styles because I have experience in different types of martial arts and it’s interesting for me. I come out to fight no matter what the rules are, although I feel more comfortable to fight under K-1 rules.

What was the most memorized bout in your fight career ?
Pavel Zhuravlev : I don’t want to point out any fight, all of them are different. The most memorable fights were at the beginning of the career. They were full of emotional experiences. Nowadays I have fights that are more important and intense, but my attitude is more professional now, I’m calm. It’s just work.

Anyone in particular you would like to fight in future ?
Pavel Zhuravlev : I have a great interest in a fight with Badr Hari. In general, I want to compete with fighters of the highest level for the World titles. Such as the title of world champion WKN is a dream for me as it is the most prestigious . And of course I would like to box in the final of K-1.

What can you say about your opponent Nathan Corbett and up-coming heavy weight World championship in September in Perth ?
Pavel Zhuravlev : I have never met my opponent, but I have known his name for a long time and regard him as a good uncompromising fighter. I know that the rules in our fight are going to be more comfortable for him, than for me… he is famous for his elbow punches. This fact makes the fight even more interesting for me. I think we both will be well prepared for the fight.