” On December 16 in VARAZDIN CROATIA , all the winners of the past 8 editions of BB will fight for the title of Bigger’s better KING 2011 and a winning prize of $25000.


On November 4 in Portugal , due to the large international success ,all the finalists of the last 7 BB have been invited to fight and try to qualify for the BB King 2011,as for now 5 have already confirmed , Pavel Zurailov BB1,Evgeny Orlov BB2, Ed Monso BB5 , Marc Adrian BB6, we are still waiting to hear from Danilencu BB3 andTtrysinski BB4, and of course the finalist of BB7 in Vilnius lithuania , the 8 fighter will be Fernandez Abigale who qualified from BB6.

When you enter BB tournament you know that if you perform you will be rewarded: if you win you get $15000 but also a crack at the $ 25000 price , if you lose in the Final you get $ 5000 plus a new chance to fight in Nov and the $ 15000 price but an opportunity to qualify for the BB King 2011 with a $25000 price.

If you perform well and do not reach the final you can be save by your fan base during the live broadcast by voting you in for a later edition.

We are very grateful for all the fighters entering the BB tournaments and happy to let you know that if you fight well you will be rewarded. ”

Jc Courreges
BB president