October 20, 2015 – WKN World Office

World Kickboxing Network official collaborates with MMAA.

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“ This official collaboration between the WKN World office in MALTA & the MMAA will help the fighting scene of the country to be officially recognized by the government . MALTA is since more than 10 years a very active member of the WKN with some excellent events promoting by GLADIATORS Promotion , Mr Noel MERCIECA and Isaac CHETCUTI & a serious grading/seminar system running by WKN MALTA representative Mr Adrian AXIZA .

Most of the Malta students are already recognized by the WKN and with the new door open with the MMAA it will be for sure much more .

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My goal is to create in MALTA a lot of “NEW” Daniel ZHARA ( the best fighter ever in MALTA / many time WKN World champions and an example of humility and success for all the youngness of the island ) , able to represent the country at the highest level in all the world and to give to every martial artist the place and fame they deserve “

With a lot of respect to all my MALTESE friends , WKN World president
Mr Stephane CABRERA

General Press Release – Press Statement Malta Martial Arts Association (MMAA).

Official Statement MMAA – Adrian Axisa President – press conference 16 October 2016.

The Malta Martial Arts Association has been recently set up as an umbrella organisation bringing together a number of clubs and associations which have been working together in an informal manner, in some cases for more than two decades.

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As combat sports in Malta which includes martial arts, has evolved considerably, the need was felt in the last few years to create an association which would offer a more formal structure in which its clubs and organisations could operate. This has great advantages as we are now sharing our resources in such a way as to maximize efficiency. In fact, the results have been beyond our expectations to the extent that the MMAA has had difficulty accommodating many clubs and associations which have expressed their interest in joining the Association. However, we promise that in the coming weeks and months we shall be able to accommodate all these organisations.

Our endeavours to set up this all-encompassing association are supported by such international organisations as the World Kick-Boxing Network and Spirit Combat International. Incidentally, almost to the day of this Conference the SCI is celebrating its 30th. Year in Malta.

As you all know the WKN which was founded by my good friend Stephane Cabrera in 1994 , is one of the strongest and leading International Martial Arts Sanctioning bodies in the world with representation in o less than 180 countries, Malta included.

We are proud that over the years in Malta we have launched a number of WKN champions including Daniel “The Jet” Zahra who wins this Saturday 17th. Of October against Sandor Gronai from Hungary. More details about the event have be announced by Gladiators Promotions who have hold a press conference, during the event’s weigh-in ..
Having said all this, the MMMA along with the WKN which I personally have represented in Malta for the past years have been hugely concerned at the manner in which some aspects of the sports of Martial arts have developed in Malta, primarily in the area of health and safety of both participants and audiences at events. In order that we may build and improve on our past success, towards a better and brighter future, the WKN has appointed and tasked the MMMA with the set up of a regulatory body to oversee all events in Malta, involving the WKN.

One very worrying aspect which has been noticed in ring combat sports in Malta, is the participation of very young children in the ring. Whilst it is of paramount importance that children who show promise and talent are encouraged to train and compete in preparation for becoming tomorrow’s champions, on the other hand this cannot be done to the detriment of the child’s best interests. Thus, a suitable age threshold for children’s participation in events has to be determined.

As from the 1st November 2016, any events in the ring which involve the WKN and the MMMA or any affiliated member associations o clubs, shall not be allowed to feature children under the age of 12 in their programme.

Moreover, by early 2015, the MMMA in partnership with the WKN shall be publishing rules to govern the participation of children and youths under the MMMA banner and its international affiliates. These rules, will be in line and in conformity with international and local standards for the participation of minors in combat sports. There will be greater emphasis on health and safety for the participants and stricter conditions under which the promoter must operate in order to use the MMAA name or the name of the international Associations which it represents.

We also announce that the WKN will in 2016 start to increase its activities in Malta to offer greater opportunities not only to those practise modern martial arts in the ring but also to those who practice more traditional styles of martial arts.

May we reassure everyone that our mission along with that of international organisations such as the WKN and the SCI is to continue developing the sport of martial arts in Malta in a positive and constructive manner. We aim to achieve more international recognition and success whilst abiding by internationally accepted standards.