Hector Valiente – Top WKN South American Promoter from Argentina

November 20, 2015 0 WKN World Office

During 2015 Hector Valiente has held THREE eminent editions of SIMPLY THE BEST. The Gala have been organized in collaboration with the WKN Argentina Office, representative Mr Jorge Acero Cali and coordination of Mr Fernando Munoz.

Mr Valiente has been producing an excellent work in the city of Caseros, Buenos Aires region, where SIMPLY THE BEST Editions 2, 5 and 7 have played an outstanding impact on the development of sport in the country.

WKN promotions by Mr Valiente have been attended by thousand spectators, seeing World and Intercontinental championships with local celebrities Christian Bosch, Ignacio Capllonch, Federico Roma… The recent show was free-of-charge entrance at the open air venue, which has broke the ratings of attendance, gaining even bigger popularity for sport.