WKN Brazil: Felipe Micheletti Becomes WKN World Champion at IVC 15 Sorocaba

Felipe Micheletti becomes WKN World Champion

Felipe Micheletti KO’s Rogelio Ortiz in the WKN world title fight, headlining the return of IVC on Saturday, August 20 in Sorocaba, Brazil.

IVC 15 returns to the world’s stage via WKN kickboxing. In the main event Brazilian Felipe Micheletti earned the first round knockout victory over Argentine Rogelio Ortiz. Micheletti became a new WKN super cruiserweight world champion under k-1 Rules.

WKN Kickboxing World Championship / K-1 Rules / Super Cruiserweight / 5x3mn
Felipe Stievano Micheletti (Brazil) wins by KO R1 vs Rogelio Ortiz (Argentina)

Promoter Sergio Batarelli launched a new era of his eminent invention, the International Vale Tudo Championship. In addition to WKN kickboxing world championship Micheletti vs Ortiz, the IVC 15 saw 8 man kickboxing and 4 man MMA tournaments, featuring a pro-boxing fight.

Marcos Lolata takes all kickboxing tournament. Brendo Bispo de Souza wins MMA eliminator. Juliano Ramos wins by KO R3 vs Pablo Rico in a pro-boxing fight.

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